Anvil tutorial by Blender Guru

I’m doing this tutorial here and I have a small problem

At 12:40 in the video he begins to scale a section of the anvil. When I attempt this it has the opposite effect, doesn’t even look like his. For example, I had the same parts highlighted but when I scale it distorts the cube on top and the edges of the cube on top are not straight when I attempt scaling.

I am assuming he is scaling with an axis or something. I have proportional editing off and I am aware that I need to go into Z mode to select what he selects because he must have some shortuct I don’t know of to select what he selects. So I am not sure as to how he is “squashing it”

What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Full interface screenshots and a .blend

let me try :RocknRoll: hm… Transform Scale 1-1-1? Orientation Global, Local?

Looking at the tut from 12:38 - 13:50

He is selecting the bottom of the cube with box select (limit selection to visible is off)
He is turning off proportional editing
He is normally scaling it at the median point.

Can’t offer any help without .blend.

For what i see he just scale it ( first time he do it in Z, but then correctt it )…

Dont hesit to just try for get what seems you right result following the reference image )

What I mean is, he is squashing it. This middle part is being flattened somehow. When I hit S it does not do that. It shrinks it or enlarges it out of proportion.

I’ll share a screenshot in a moment as I edit this post.


This is what happens when I hit S to scale. The middle part is shrunk and going the other way distorts it largely.

This is my anvil normally

Andrew constraints the scaling axis to Z(hit S then Z).

Thank you!

Don’t follow this tuto. that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do in modelling. It’s a old workflow.

Can you provide a link to a more up-to-date tutorial?

Do you have a tutorial you can recommend that follows an updated workflow for modeling? I was thinking of jumping into this one after I finish the Anvil: