Anwar Sadat Office ❤

Another try :yum::heart:
2.83 cycles 850 samples
magnifier texturing done with substance painter
post processing in photoshop

:blush: C&C please


I like it! As you asked for c&c here’s my thoughts.
Your border is just… amazing!
I like the B&W. Not many choose that when they do a CG work. To get a little more of a film look/vintage lens look would be nice if the glass wasn’t so ipossibly sharp. Its kinda sterile looking. if it wasn’t blurred, but just smooth it would look better.
The story of what is going on here isn’t entirely clear. I don’t know if that is alchahol in the glass, but seems someone drinks something and looks at lots of cats in bib overall pictures that are held together with paperclips and marks them with a pencil?
Not sure what era this is supposed to be. the magnifying glass, round wood thing and sepia tone suggest old. everything else says new.
I know im crazy… but the first thing I saw when I saw the picture was the pencil that was sharpened with a modern sharpener… If it was a old picture would have used a pen knife to sharpen it. lol.
I like it. It just seems a little random.

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Respected feedback :heart::heart::heart:

I have improved it a bit

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Thats a incredible improvement! I really like that! It ties together much better now! The color doesnt take away from it. Totally has a vibe going on!

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