"Anxious Haunt" Animated Short HD

This is a big moment for me.
I finally got it.
One year of continuesly work and my first completely finished 7 minute short. Nearly completely done in Blender. He is synchronized in german but I created english subtitles. I made it during my depression, and metaphorically, he’s about the same. I hope he is well understandable with what I want to say and I hope very much to help one or the other who may experience something similar like me. Critique and comments are very welcome and I hope you like it.
I created this movie nearly completely with Blender, all other Programs were just help for the character or cutting.


Nice job. Enjoyed watching.


Really good animation. if u keep doing like this u will become a star on animation movies story if u know what I mean I’m talking about the animation skills really good job!

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