any 1 need a level designer

heyy i can create grate game maps for any game Horror, sci-fi, any thing u wish
i am currently working on a desert map when i have finished feel free to ask i will send u it i will be most pleased if any of u would like me on there team thanks to see some screenshots of my work hear they are…


looks pretty neat, mik! keep it up!

We could use your help :stuck_out_tongue:
Please PM me for more details

Wow! its looking good:D

Yes! :slight_smile:

We would like to have you in our team! We are now working on a car simulator called Tire of Fire (click on the link in my sig for more info). Right now we are using calebR’s city, but we would love to use our own. So if you want to create a large city, please join us!