Any advanced 2.4 rigs around?

Coming from other programs (like XSI) that have great rigging setups with little effort, I’m learning blender (and enjoying it very much), but with the release candidates of 2.4 it seems like blender now has a huge new animation system that blows the old one out of the water (and kills off my last dependency on commercial software…besides photoshop). However, this information seems rather unknown and cryptic to the general blending populace. I was just curious if anybody had gotten around to documenting how to make an advanced, full-featured rig in 2.4. I know 2.4 isn’t out yet, officially, so I can be patient. If the information is out there, somewhere, however, I’d like to dig into it for my new character. =) The wikibook has some good information on there, especially about a few of the new features, but I could spend a hundred hours experimenting with the new rigging system (especially since I never learned the old one), or I could see if the info already exists in a single spot. Notably, I’m looking for FK/IK arm switching and free hip movement independent of the spine. If this information doesn’t exist in a public form yet, is anybody working on changing that? =)

Modron or someone did a rather advanced rig of a cartoon ninja, look around for it.

my bad, it was friedbrain, not modron.

  1. I can’t seem to find the rig for download. He links to his page, but there’s only a screenshot of the model there.

  2. He didn’t make it with 2.4.

  3. That rig doesn’t seem production quality at all.

I’m not knocking it. I’m sure it’s a good rig. I said I’m looking for a really advanced rig, though. I’m sure I can make a “good” rig by myself in blender. What I can’t make is the more complicated (usually more application-specific) methods for doing the weird stuff like independent hips and IK/FK switching.

He did make it with 2.4-cvs, which is as clsoe to 2.4 as you can get atm, and no, the rig is not fully production quality, as it was jsut something he was messing around with, but it’s probably the msot advanced rig available atm. I see what you are getting at though, and it seems I misunderstood you. You come from a professional application background, and are looking for something up to par with it. Unfortunately you won’t find one unless you make it yourself or wait until the 2.4 is released and people start going nuts with it.

No prob, that’s all I was looking for. :wink:

It’s just that in the thread there was a comment made saying something to the effect of “I hope this works with 2.4”, so I thought it was made with an earlier version. I guess I assumed stuff made with the release candidates would work in 2.4, but I guess that may not be a fair assumption, since the code base COULD change slightly.

Thanks for the responses, though. I may try to really rip the crap out of the 2.4 rigging system if nobody posts too much info on the higher-end uses in the near future. I’m sure there isn’t a lot of demand for high-end rigs in the general blender crowd, but I know there are a few of us out there that either do professional quality work or are used to professional rigs, and we’ll get somethin’ worked out. =)

This video may be helpful. It’s one of the members of Project Orange doing a rigging demonstration at the Blender conference.

This one:

Artist Tutorials (Animation)
Bassam Kurdali
46 Mb Divx.Avi
29 minutes

I’ll have to watch it fully (only scanned through it since I’m at work). It’s a basic rigging tutorial, which is cool. I’ll watch it, i’m sure it’s good info. I don’t see where it got into anything more advanced than a foot setup (i didn’t see whether it got into the tough parts of the foot like independent ball/heel rotation), though. Thanks for the link. =)

From Rob Backman


For the benefit of those who’ve never used a “production quality” rig (like me :D) could you explain what you are looking for?


This is still WIP. Buttons might change, button ranges will change, and the
way ‘IK groups’ are working will change. You can play with this, but don’t
expect saved files to work still by end of this day! :slight_smile:

For the benefit of those who’ve never used a “production quality” rig (like me :D) could you explain what you are looking for?

I’ve already said a couple requirements for my rigs. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of the blender rigs I’ve seen have been good, and very useable in animation. There are just a number of things that a production-quality rig would have that many user-built basic rigs might not have. In a production rig, you’d be able to move the hips without moving the head (most rigs will have the head inheret movement/rotation from the hips). You should be able to make the hips wiggle and the legs/spine will compensate. IK/FK switching for the arms is pretty much required as well. The hands/fingers should be selectable and useable when zoomed out (if the form of sliders, etc.), but should also be manually controllable for those finer movements. The foot should be able to rotate around not only the heel, but also the ball. If your character needs to stamp out a cigarette, you shouldn’t have to key the ankle AND the toe and hope the ball stays put. I could go on for days, but you see what i mean. =) It’s basically just a far more robust style of rig. You can do the same things as any standard rig, but it saves a lot of headaches and keyframes down the line and gives a cleaner result in a few of the “weirder” motions. =)

I’m kind of a rigging nut. It’s one of the things I enjoy most in the entire production process. =)

Thanks for the explanation. I too enjoy rigging. I know what I like to see in a rig, but lately I’ve been wondering what other people value in character rigs. So thanks :D.

Btw, you might want to check out Nozzy’s rig. It is old and doesn’t use any 2.4 stuff, but it fills alot of your requirements. It might be a good starting point.

The question, then, is if you’re a rigging nut why not help the community out and start a pro-rig developed for 2.4?

I recently spent a lot of time in Hash AM, which has what must be the best rigging system I’ve ever played with in any software. I ended up not using Hash because it’s buggy and the system itself is hella slow (why can Blender push a hundred thousand polys on my machine but Hash can’t push a thousand patches?), but a lot of the stuff I learned from that I’ve found can be applied to Blender.

As for hip / head / etc. movement, it’s easily done in Blender. It was easily done before the new tools; you just have to divide the skeleton up at the places which need individual movement and then create a few invisible parent bones.

You may also want to look for Apollux’s christmas present rig; it was incredible. Maybe he could be coaxed / flattered / begged to update it to 2.4.


I have to tell you that it would be extremely useful to have a rigging tutorial for a human character having a production rigg for v2.40

I know how to model in Blender, but I’m at moment of trying to learn the animation system too. I can read about the tools and watch some videos, but that doesn’t mean that I know what the best setup could be for a production human rigg in Blender…

If you have a look at my WIP link, you’ll see a female model which I want to rigg as perfect as possible.

here is a new rig I made. it takes advantage of a few 2.4 features. it isnt completly finished but it is still worth checkin out.

check it out and post any animations that you make with it…
ooh this .blend is actually a .zip file. it lost its extension somehow. uuh. it wouldnt let me upload it without .zippin it . just add .zip to the end and it should work fine

here is an animation rendered.

Im tired must sleep

This is great RBackman! THANKS!

I do not have alot of knowledge yet regarding animation, but it looks very cool!

One question though: I ‘investigated’ the setup of your armature and did not see any armature modifiers applied to the mesh as it is supposed to be the new way of linking them to the mesh… ?


ah thanx for bringing this up… well my reason for doing this was out of frstration. I really like the idea of parenting an objec directly to a bone in pose mode… especially something like this that is mostly mechanical… it just drives me nuts when I get my entire rig setup with individua bones but then randomly sometime later all the objects lose their orientation and snap their centers to the bones rotation point… I have tried apply sizerotation. recentered. blah blah blah… :wink: … but I found the only sure way to keep this from happening is to join the mesh objects into one and use vertex groups… I know this is cus I am a bit of a newbie so if someone could explain this phenomona it would make my life way easier…


This really looks best so far!! This rig is excellent! Thanks RBackman.

Please post tutorial about this. I’ll buy you a beer or two (I know you like it)!