Any advice for style and animation?

(N.D.Catchlight) #1

I have included some pictures on a link at the bottom of my post.

Basically I am just looking for advice on how to proceed. I have been putting alot of time and effort into my mesh for the purpose of creating animated seals in my own style. I am considering the sculpting retopo, though I don’t know how well this will work while setting up keyframes. In other words; I may not need so many vertices to exist in my blend file, until I am ready to render keyframes. I also need to decide whether to use subsurface modifier exclusively or focus on building my mesh with edge loops and adjustments.

one more question here.
can anyone advise? what is the best way to bind my mesh to my topology? so that I can achieve realistic deforms. I plan on making a simple topology using shrinkwrap modifier once I have a detail mesh complete… I just need to decide complexity should be to begin with. I think the face of the seal allready has enough complexity, the face is almost complete.

so far I am thinking about using armature modifiers, and hook modifiers to mark places by attaching vertices groups to empties and recording the transforms, to save memory before applying shape keys.

I am have been studying armatures, though am new at it.

Thanks for any advice, here are the pictures of my mesh: