Any Advice on Sculpting Grass

I need some help on sculpting grass. I’m working on game tiles to be 3d printed and in the future cast in resin. I have no idea how to sculpt grass. The grass needs to lay flat so model can walk on it and other object can be used. Is there any sculpting alphas or tips for sculpting grass? I tried looking online for advise or pics of sculpted grass, but didn’t see anything. The pics include are my own. These are for a dungeon, but will be doing outside areas too.


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Do you have something like this in mind ?

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Well the grass can’t come upward. Because it would make it hard for the models to stand on. Needs to be flat grass, so models and other terrain can be on top.

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You said it was meant to be 3D print, so, to reduce cost, i suppose that the base of each part will be empty. So if your grass is 2 or 3 mm tall, it shouldn’t be this bad, isn’t it ?
Or, if you really want to have “flat” surface, you can scult some grass (take as reference a picture of grass from top view, and then scult the shadow you see on your picture).
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Well since you don’t have to worry about poly count I’d suggest taking a photo of some grass add it as a texture then use a displacement modifer to give your ground some depth. It won’t stick up too much and will be mostly flat.

You can just download a grass texture and use it as displacement map.

Here is an example:

A displacement map might work. But it might be too detailed.