Any advice/suggestions on how to cutout this hole

I’d like to cutout/boolean a hole (marked in red) all the way through the background geometry where the leaves are placed around. Would anyone know of a way/tool/method to cutout the hole outline in red in some sort of boolean method? A fast/efficient/accurate way to do it would be great. Open to any suggestions. Thanks.

Select the loop of vertices on the leaf object that runs around the part marked in red. Duplicate those verts and immediately hit P and separate them to a new object. Back to Object mode. Select that new object. In edit mode select all and press S, followed by Y followed by 0 to have them all aligned in Y. Press F to fill. You will likely be left with a giant ngon. Move and extrude this so it goes clean through your ring object. Check Face Orientation on all objects and then just proceed to to a Boolean on the ring with the new object as your “cutter”. Then apply the Boolean and clean up everything.


Thank you for your detailed suggestion John. The red boundary is created by multiple different leaf objects so it isn’t possible to select the loop in one click. But I will try your method of duplicating vertices and working with those as you detailed.

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