Any advice to get them renders more intresting?

So I don’t tag myself as creative But I guess you can fake it till you make it! :smiley:
Anyone here have any idea how to make my work more eye appealing?

Does adding more detail helps?
Any idea is welcomed. your idea as a viewer, pro or just your personal opinion, All are welcomed.


Hmm…it’s already quite appealing. Difficult to give a definitive answer. Perhaps on this example, the background is a little too busy? I like the contrast of the main pinky color against her, but perhaps it doesn’t need the stripes and stars?

have you tried a version like that? Perhaps a stronger rim light too, to make her really pop from the background?

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Ok. How about this one? (viewport screen)


I actually really like that one. She really pops!

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Just experimenting.
yay or nay?


full char shot if you want to suggest camera cuts.

I liked the contrast with the yellow and i think the white around it is a bit much. I also prefer the camera angle from top. I dont have the idea to improve it i guess but have you tried a gradient background? Spherically or something.

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something like this?

I’m aiming for an eye catching Instagram post so I’ll be trying with different stuff and post it here.


I like it. Maybe the color at the border stronger but otherwise it good.

Not sure what others will say so i hope you gather more opinions.

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I think your first render with the stars and juice is the best one because it looks more like an ad you’d find in a mall or something. Also the yellow contrasting color helps breakup the uniformity.

A few small tweaks might help you out here. Sharpen skin reflections a little to make her glow a bit. Primarily around the nose, cheeks, and shoulders. From the looks of it, I think you use alpha clip for your hair. I find that using alpha hashed gave me the best results since it gives the illusion of softer looking hair. You added a stronger catch light for the eyes, which is great! But the squint coming from the lower lid is so high that it’s convex-ing. At most, the lower lid moves up to a point where it nearly straightens out.

One last note that you already figured out, I would avoid low angle shots. Generally, they are unappealing (if you’ve ever done face time with someone on their phone, you’d probably know what I’m talking about since the camera is almost always aimed straight into their nose). Try camera angles at either eye level or slightly high angle shots.

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your opinions so far were so different so I tried to use some of each opinion to improve the original one:

do you think it’s finished or should I improve on this more?
I’m Thinking of adding blue to the mix…


Now that we go a 3k render, you start to see some small errors.

  • Primarily, the specular/roughness of the skin is too contrasty. I’ve found that having very subtle contrast more along a sharper reflection side (lets say a value of .2 roughness) and a detailed bump/normal map to break up the skin gives more realistic results.
  • The frills on her arms need to be shade smoothed I think cause you can see the polygons
  • You can see the seam on her right arm

Other than all that, her eyebrows have no detail and she doesn’t have eyelashes. You can try a separate mesh to emit hair particles or use hair cards.
And since you said you wanted to put this on instagram, I’d recommend a portrait aspect ratio because most people will be looking at this through their phones. Not sure about adding blue but hey, experiment! Maybe you’ll come across something that looks great!


I don’t think this is NSFW.

I like these best.

In my opinion this is better in a art/drawn/painted semi-realistic style and that is what I see in these pictures. The girl and bikini’s textures look like air brush artwork and I think that is good for this.


  • My favorite.
  • Colors good.
  • Background vignette or gradation good.
  • Stripes call attention to the face and add action or motion.
  • Placement of stars and glass good.
  • Camera angle good.
  • Make the spiral stripes of the straw large. Their size should work with the bikini polka dots.
  • Cartoonish glass and liquid good since more realistic would conflict with the rest.
  • The white border around them has visible straight edges. Smooth that. Or consider using no border on the stars.
  • The 3D aspect of the stars is not good. They should be flatter, more drawn style, but do need something in the inner part. Maybe more like the juice in the glass where transparency is the theme. Depth could be shown using the edges and lines of color similar to the juice.


I like this concept.

  • Use themes from the other versions to fill in the large color areas. Suggestions:
    – Vignette the pink background.
    – Put stripes and stars in the white area.
    – Use the camera angle from the stripes version on the girl.
    – I would not use the glass in this one.
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I think the Orange Juice is distracting, 3 stars, no juice, i say

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oh man I was working the @MesaPhysical 's notes and saw the last two ones after. so I’ll take note of them tomorrow.

so far on @MesaPhysical 's notes:

@Splododyne yeah I mostly put nsfw just to be on the safe side! :smiley:
Good that you point out the parts you though was done good. that makes me more confident on them as I’m just trying new things.
I agree on the straw.

so you considering mashing up the two?

@Boder Yes I feel it is too but without it the scene feels empty.
I might try the mash up that suggested with no juice.
I do have to step up the stars though you are right.

Maybe push the smile more. Make it wider and slightly deeper.

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Agreed. The smile in that latest one isn’t best. The smile in the stripes with pink background (noted as my favorite above) is perfect. Camera angle could influence the look of the smile even if the mesh is the same. I like the pink background better than the blue.

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ok tried to make a balance in the colors.
made orange juice smaller and made some counter weights for it so it would fit in more. (I really want that orange juice to be in the shot! :sweat_smile: it’s not a commercial shot but I find it more playful and joyful.)

added more detail in smile!!
edited some meshes and stuff.

Does it working?

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Yes I have a few tips.
Hold on, I am distracted, and can’t focus well.
So it’s good I think, it works.

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Very nice, for me a better contrast on darker background maybe blended with green and vignetting can be more appealing, but that depends for what is also your final target for that. I made a little color experiment but I’m not really an expert its only for fun and test with GIMP

Where’s the Fruit basket? :wink:

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