Any advice to improve this?

Hi, This is actually the first render that i am actually proud of, i know its not perfect, but i am relatively new on blender, i only have like 180 hours using the program, and for me this is my best render until now, anyway i just wanted to ask if you guys have any advice on how to improve the render. any advice is appreciated.

This is it.

Hey, nice work!

I’d say at the moment, it’s a little flat looking - everything looks lit too evenly, and it’s a tad dull. If you could make the lighting a little more interesting, I think that would help the scene a lot.

You might also consider tweaking the composition a little too, to make a little more interest - perhaps place something in the foreground, closer to the camera to give the piece some depth, or add something in the water - a focal point of some sort.

You’re off to a really nice start!

I aprecciate really much your advices, i will try to do what you said, thank you

It looks like you are using volumetrics for the haze. If so, have a play with the anisotropy to allow it to be clear in the foreground and get denser as you go backwards.

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