any audio/sound effects creation soft i can use?

not talking about audio players …something along the lines of frootyloops sound studio…is their any free audio creation software you know of i can use for my animations in blender…especially sound effects…

jeskola buzz (this is the thing you after on windows) , kinda like fruity loops but techie and crashie.
psycle tracker --almost like the previous one, fever machines, effects, for win
orangator —for creating sound effects from scratch, also 4 win
for linux maniac guys there is the jack audio interface
the easy way, download the dyne bolic linux os, or the 64 studio os and play with them. —dynebolic also contains blender ??2.37??. im not sure…
there is audacity for basic effects, and many many vst plugins, synthesizers, effect processors which you can run with jeskola buzz that i know for sure.
thats it basicaly, others may know more :slight_smile:

hmm thnks let me go thru em :slight_smile:


Are you a Linux freak?
A whole world inside a web page

whooaa… :open_mouth:
that link is worth for saving.

audacity is a free software.
link is here
Best free audio software.

sorry i hve a win xp :frowning:

ill give audacity a try sorry i havent replied earlier coz i dnt know how to get email notifications about latest posts …some help?

Ardour is packed full of features and they are working towards their 2.0 release. Although you need to have the hardware for the software. All those modules won’t mean much without the toys that use it. But Audacity is simple and still me favorite, it has a lot packed into that application

Get yourself a copy of Computer Music magazine.
It comes with a dvd with CM Studio which is their own sequencer.
It comes with a few vst’s and they’re constantly working on it.
Also, the latest issue was about free and OSS VST’s and there were a whole bunch of them on the VST.
Quite usefull.
I use FL Studio because of the ease of use but that CM Studio looked pretty impressive. I’d use it if I didn’t have the money for FL.
Ardour seems nice too.
Audacity is an audio editor with a few basic MIDI options, but you can hardly call it a sequencer.
If you have FL Studio you can use Rewired to implement Audacity and many more into it. Very cool.

Thank you so much for introducing me to psycle!

Finally, an open source way of generating music that I can get into!


hmm i guess ill just get myself a light version of FL studio…i find it easier and straight forward

jeskola buzz, audacity, atmosphere lite, stomper hyperion, soundforum synth, fruity loops drumsynth, sawcutter, goldwave, and AXS, are a few programs for windows that I would recommend.

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I have also downloaded psycle and now I will try and see what is this like.