Any australian blenderers here besides me? =(

(LohnS) #1

well i’m all alone in this part of the world like the guy who is from India (sry completely gone blank with your name). And i was just wondering if theres any australian blenderer here.

well thats all, bye.

(acasto) #2

I’ve seen a couple around neo, I forget their names though.

(LohnS) #3

at least i know theres some =D, thanx acasto

(ectizen) #4

I’ve seen a couple from Melbourne (like me) and Sydney. I don’t recall seeing any other Adelaidians.

Try this thread:

(Millhouse) #5

So many people use blender i bet there are some out there

(Riskbreaker) #6

Sydney-sider over here.

(LaWMan) #7

Hi! Norwegian here, but situated in Adeliade, studying Multimedia.
Been using blender since before 2.0… 1 1/2.

(luckybreak) #8

Hey I’m in Tassie

:slight_smile: :-? :frowning: :x :wink:

…now where’s me banjo got too?..

(toasthall) #9


Im from Darwin.


(miffwhite) #10

i’m a kiwi, so…argh…yeah, does anyone care? – (not many of us around)

(azrael) #11

Well there looks like there are quite a few of use poping up after all :slight_smile:
If there are enough of us in the same place we might be able to have an A.U.M.B … I know, I know. It dosn’t make a real word (It was worth a try).

Me, well I’m from Brisbane … “The worlds most livable city” :smiley:


(LaWMan) #12

Hi! What about a meeting in Adelaide, the most “livable” city in the world 8)

(Riskbreaker) #13

An aussie meet?

Thats just silly. Adelaide…Melbourne…its a whole new place, you cant get there by bus…

…oh no wait, i think you can…

Say hi to your mum for me…