Any avid Star Wars fans?

Hello everybody If your a fan of the Star Wars series then please post your thoughts on the upcoming episode 7!
Do you think it will be good? What do you think of the return to so called “practical effects” or do you prefure animation and 3d effects?
please comment all opinions are welcome! :yes:

I am perhaps one of the few people who enjoys all six of the previous films, but there is one that stands out and will never beaten on VFX(and everything else!)…

Empire Strikes Back.

…whether they use practical effects or CGI, the new films will have no stop motion in them. Sequences such as Luke riding his taun-taun to the top of a snow dune, or the three Imperial Walkers advancing towards the rebel trenches when the retreat is called…CGI is not a substitute for that kind of visual style. CGI in Star Wars makes sense, and I am at peace with them using it(they would be insane not to use it!), but I would rather they not revisit Hoth if they are not going to use stop motion.

But otherwise, I have faith they will do the right thing with the vfx. Like T2 and Jurassic Park, the prequels were charting unknown waters as to the limits of CGI technology and you have to at least applaud George and ILM for trying to take the technology as far as possible. The best vfx scene of those films was the Lava planet(Mustafar). That was when ILM went for gold and it was CGI at its finest. Somehow, Revenge of the Sith was the peak of CGI in film vfx. There really wasn’t much left that could not be done in CGI. The digital Arnold in Terminator Salvation and the Navi in Avatar perhaps managed to stretch the envelope a bit further, but ROTS can easily be released today and still look stunning alongside the current vfx summer block busters.

Hi blue box I am Star Wars series fan and I love Star Wars. I think upcoming episode 7 will be awesome, and I prefure 3d effects more . !! Caxikner

amen! :yes: Empire Strikes Back is the best!
thanks for posting!

I prefer the practical effects for Star Wars but that’s probably due to nostalgia. I watched all 3 at the theater when they came out and they were all amazing for the time. The prequels, not so much.
I’m hoping that I’ll enjoy the next one better because it goes back to the characters that I grew up with: Han, Luke, and Leia.

The whole rat pack would have been back, plus a couple of kids, if they’d followed Timothy Zahn’s sequel trilogy. But I ended up reading the whold thing in a hospital, though, so I can’t fairly judge it. Anyone else?

It’s good to know that there are also star wars fans here. Myself, I look forward to the new star wars movie.


It has been released that the story will not be based on any book or comic yet made

I’m unabashedly dating myself here, but I remember when the original Star Wars movie came out. Remember, at that time there were no “digital effects.” It couldn’t be done (yet). The graphic-display that briefly shows up in Luke’s X-wing as he’s zooming toward the Death Star was the limit of what computers could do at that time.

What (to me …) the “Star Wars movie” did … was to permanently re-define everyone’s expectations of what movie special-effects could be. This especially since it was all (necessarily) done with motion-control cameras and optical film-printers.

I personally think that the quality of the Star Wars stories has dropped rather steadily since that time … because, well, no one could tell The George™ what to do, nor that what he was doing sucked.

“What will The Mouse do?” Well, “I have a bad feeling about this.” :slight_smile:

Well, you have to give them points for hiring a proper director this time round. :slight_smile:

Episodes 1-3 had bad casting. I think new episodes will suck even more.

I think Ep 7 will be good. But the Star Wars franchise needs a reboot.

And, here is why I quite-proudly(!!!) will step forward as being one of the people who very well remembers standing in line … no, not on opening-day to watch this “space movie” … in front of a theater that (of course) had three broad aisles facing a single screen … to watch this amazing one[i] movie that was not made “using computers” …

… because “computers,” at that time, simply could not even [I]begin to do ‘that.’

(And: “I’m still here,” thank you very much, “and still very-much ‘into computers,’” and you bet!! that “movies would be done differently” if anything other than an 8-bit microprocessor could have been produced by Intel [or TI, or Zilog, or Motorola …] at that point in time.)

"The ‘Star Wars Movie’, to me, therefore is what is now known as “Episode Four,” and I am here to tell you from very-personal experience that no such text existed on the roll-of-film that I first saw. Therefore, I have the privilege of having watched … well … “George Lucas systematically screwing things up, because he made ‘so damned much money at it’ that he didn’t [think that he ever had to …] listen to any (gasp!) critics of (heresy!! heresy!!) ‘his brainchild.’”

I’m not outright “dissing” his subsequent storytelling choices … that would be, not only ‘unfair’ but ‘crass’ … but I do think that, at some very critical story-telling "point along the way,"he stopped listening to voices that might have slapped him on the side of the head and said (for example …) “adorable little teddy-bear creatures? Really??”

Unfortunately for George Lucas’ story (yeah, “IMHO … so there”) ‘nonsense like this™’ simply “became canon,” as did the merciless “re-engineering” of the original Three Films that, thanks to a set of thoroughly-obsolete eight-inch(!) videodiscs(!!), and a bootlegged VHS(!!!) scratchy-tape, I am still able to enjoy.

Yep. The Library of Congress put the original Star Wars film into one of its “film treasure” archives, and The George™ still didn’t mind … :RocknRoll: … screwing it up.

Wish you could have been there, then, as I was. Something “absolutely unachievable” was achieved. But then, it was … lost. In a way that, I guess, can’t quite be explained. “There are just too many computers now …” (Which means zilch, I know, unless you remember the time before. Too bad that you don’t, and never will.)

Computers were not the problem in episodes 1-3. I think George Lucas was lucky when he found Harrison Ford and other guys for the original Star Wars. Still, I don’t know why they thought Hayden Christensen would be good as Anakin.

Star Wars is an interesting franchise.

Mass Effect is a similar one. The ME franchise is still young. A Mass Effect movie, like Star Wars would be interesting.

Well, I don’t remember the 8 inch disc you speak of, but I still have both Star Wars and Empire on RCA discs, and two players :slight_smile:


Hayden wasn’t exactly helped by a poor director of actors. George was blessed with good acting talent for the prequels yet all but Ian McDarmid seemed to invest in it. ROTS was definitely the best of the three as he got more screen time. He was so good an actor(still is) that he needed little motivation from George.

I seem to be in the minority that actually prefers the sequels. :slight_smile: Meh, I just hope the 7th is good. Personally I’d love it if movies were made that were focused around the Old Republic era (maybe a New Republic era??) but that’s just me dreaming so whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m totally looking forward to it, especially with J.J. at the helm. If he goes along the same lines as what he did with the Star Trek movies, and Disney doesn’t throttle him back on anything, then it’s going to be pretty exciting to see. As for the previous movies, I am an enormous fan of Empire, and the other originals, but I didn’t hate the prequels, they did have a lot to live up to.
I haven’t been keeping up with the latest on the movie, but I did just see the new X-Wing this morning:

To be honest, Revenge of the Sith was the the best of the prequels, but I do hold Attack of the Clones close to my heart…

I didn’t mind Phantom menace, when I was 19, but it was a chore to sit through and felt like a Scooby-Doo Episode. At 22, I didn’t really care for another, but I did come across the “Art of Episode II” and quite frankly, it blew me away! A Stealth-bomber like royal ship, obi-wan’s Jedi starfighter, the Fetts, the arena monsters, Anakin’s doomed return to Tatooine and THE CLONE WAR!!! There was no way I was going to miss it for the world!

When I saw the final film…the acting, although an improvement over Phantom Menace, still left a bit to be desired, but visually and action wise Attack of the Clones is the film that encouraged me to dig out Real3D from a coverdisc and finally try 3D animation for myself. I had no knowledge of CGTalk, 3DWorld magazine or Maya at the time; I was just doing my own thing with nothing but “Art of Episode II” and a DVD of the film(with its awesome docs “Puppets to Pixels”) as my guide. I think that was the happiest time I ever had with animation.

So, AOTC…not a patch on Empire, but I still think fondly of you as I did 12 years ago, in a cinema about…100 miles away! :smiley:

PS. Sorry for going on, but I really wanted to share that with you all!