Any better ways to achieve realistic camera movement (not camerashake)

I can use the shakify addon to add realistic camera shake to scenes, but I’d like to know if there’s a way I can make realistic camera movement without having to manually move the camera.

My current methods are by using the Shift+`+Tab first person movement recorded with auto-record which is then smoothed in the graph editor, but it’s not perfect (especially with sudden movements).

I can also use an app to record real life motion with AR, but you can probably guess that it wouldn’t work well in big exploration scenes. Are my current methods the best, or are there any better more streamlined methods?

Here is a video I made as an example of my first method. It works pretty well, but it’s really only halfway there.

Theres a softbody technique here.

Hope that helps

Ian Hubert has a cool Camera Shake add-on that I believe you can get through his Patreon subscription.

I think there are other options that allow you to use your cel phone to capture camera movement data.

Not sure what the issue is with your test though, it looks pretty good.

Thanks, I will try that.