Any Biased renderer that bakes lightmaps !

I am looking for a free biased renderer that bakes lightmaps ! I want to achieve to global illumination in real time. .in BGE !

try the baking options within the blender interface, just select Blender render and enable the settings.

Yea, just bake the lightmaps in blender. Realtime GI? Are you sure your not looking for an SSAO shader or something more along those lines.

SSAO in BGE ? Please give me the link

Hmm. .great ! Thanks :smiley:

I’ve used parthenon a few times, and It’s no easy task… I did not manage to make it batch render several files, so I had to manually change material names for every bake (hint… it renders them in alphabetical order, so it will bake the first material)… the color of the objects is multiplied in obj color, and not baked, and resolution is sort of limited to screen resolution, so it’s not that easy to use… actually I had better results with sunflow, although it is also discontinued, and I guess there is no exporter for the newer versions of blender…