Any Black Friday Walmart videos, URLs?

I missed the news story on TV. All I know is that there was a huge fight, and a black woman was tossed down onto the floor at Walmart, her wig flew off and she was laying there putting it back on while people climbed over her.

My wife saw the video on TV. I have been Googling for it and can’t find anything close to that particular clip.

here maybe?

edit: if not, use Yahoo instead of Google, it has video search

none of the stores I went to were crazy busy… frys was full [the line was half way around the building when I got there after they had been having people walk in for 5 minutes], but wasn’t insane [and checkout with 100 registers is much faster than you could expect at a walmart]

I haven’t seen it but it sounds about right. I can hardly believe how rude and socially insensitive people are anymore…

The first time I ever entered a Wal*mart was Christmas Eve. There were literally people everywhere, handling everything, with kids running between the legs and (it seemed like) people hanging from the rafters (I think it was just employees up on ladders hanging posters though…). I got me out of there and swore the place off.

If I’d have had half a brain I would have considered the date…

Now I avoid Wal*mart because of their (evil) business model.

And, I usually hate shopping…

Yeah, saw it on Leno that night… hilarious.

I’m bummed that I didn’t get the Kodak C360 (or whatever - some digital camera doohickey) that was like half price at Best Buy. 'Course showing up at like 8:30am didn’t help my chances much! A clerk said they were gone by 5:05am… :stuck_out_tongue: %|

Wait until the day after Christmas. There are usually some pretty good deals then and not nearly as many people crowding the stores.