Any blend4web users in New Zealand?

Just curious, as I have just recently stumbled on blend4web to publish 3D models, animations, etc online. The company I work for has a project like this in mind. Looks like a great tool for the job.

I am interested to use it, but some of the tasks would be beyond my abilities. Would be nice to know if there’s someone here in NZ I could team up with.

This is certainly not a job posting, more of a ‘friend request’ at this stage. But with some potential commercial possibilities down the track if I did find someone.

I’m interested, tell me more…

Hi Pixelgrapher. To post 3D models of our products online, I’m currently learning how to bake materials and get what were Cycles materials into a format that can be put into HTML by blend4web.

A more advanced project under consideration is a dynamic product configurator. On a website where customers could enter dimensions for the products, and see the 3D model change shape and size in real time based on their custom dimensions. Also, as the product grows in size, they would see more support pieces get added.

That would probably require some kind of programming, which I don’t have any experience with.