Any Blender 2.49b Verse enabled version ?


Everything is in the title… I remember (maybe i dreamed it…) that i’ve already seen a version in but it’s no more available.

Can anyone share it ?

Its on the official site

edit: or that may be an old version?

… it is :wink: (from 2005 … seems to be 2.46 or even before… :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m actually looking into the tags versions of blender in SVN to find 2.49b source… seems that i have to recompile it with Verse enabled.

  • Bwaaaaa sniiirrrffffflllll * -> Desperate Alewinn strugeling with compilation !

Edit : It’s 2.37a on the official site :’(

you could just check out the 2.49 source code and do a verse enabled build with scons. i’ve done it a few times a while ago, but alas i’ve lost them sorry!

Is there some sort of web browser application that offering the ability to browse the svn redepositories to checkout just the 2.49b source code ?

Got it working.

If someone is interrested in, you can download the build here :