Any Blender artist in Stockholm Sweden?

So for this project I am looking for a local artist (Stockholm, Sweden).
We will do one NFT-project and work side by side.
We share profits if any equally.

I expect first phase to take one week and we work together to create the content.
After that week we get to see if the project has traction and we then decide together how to move forward. If we decide not to move forward:
I and the project can not use assets without a new contract between us.

There are 2 requirements:
You need to be OK with being doxxed. This is a real NFT-project and not a rug so we both doxx and are 100 ok with that.
You need to be ok with being portraited and visually identified in social media posts.

I create: Websites, discord, general idea moderate the vibe and works on the marketing.
You create: 3D content.

The content is fairly basic but you need to be experienced enough to make this one week and have a artistic level that is decent.

It’s high stake high profit.
We make it: payday is more than great.
We don’t: no pay at all for any of us.