any blender artists collaboration?

I don’t know if this would be the right section to post this here or not.

I saw some blender short films a while back and it started making thinking. I wrote an animated story a while back, would there be any blender artist interested in starting a collaborating project? I think it’d be fun.

maybe a couple or artists could join the project , some doing background others doing character , ect…

would it be something anyone would be interested in ?

I’d love to join the project. I’ve been a blender user for about three years and i have yet to embark on any sort of major project. I think it would be great fun and i’m sure i’d learn a hell of alot as well. I could contribute in the modelling department, but i’m more interested in animation. Also what sort of length are we looking at for the project (as in the finished film length)

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well i tihnk you’ll get many people interested but what id say is get:

1)a website
2)a place to show them the script/storyboard
3)a rough idea of what it is about (ie. is it about WW2, barac obama parody, finding nemo rip-off)

and that way i think youll get a lot more people :slight_smile:

good luck

Im in, just tell me what i need to do :slight_smile:

Yeah i think making a website would be a good idea. Just make a free one on geocities or whatever. Then it will be alot easier to communicate and manage the project.

cool, thanks for the replies. I’ll get started on organizing the presentation of the project , and setting up a free website , and all that stuff , maybe tomorrow, I gotta head to work soon.

and again I’m not a blender artist, ( i did download the program but I’m a newbie at it)
basically I have a written piece of work that I’d like to see come to life. and I’m sure there are many blender users that are great artists and would like to embark on a film project.

I’ll set up the presentation, upload my script and short synopsis. and try to promote it to as many blender artist as I can.

but as far as organizing the making of the film from start to finish, I wouldn’t know much. I would assume there would be one head artist “director” and a few other artists working in different departments.

but in all I think this can a very fun project. :slight_smile:

So are we going anywhere with this???

Hi all!
I’d love to join, and I have plenty of experience in webdesign so I can make a sort of a web page with an information system or so, to share storyboards, .blends and anything like that… And of course some blender job. I’d just need some suggestions on an reliable webhosting (free), because my webhosting doesn’t seem to be working for foreign countries (=not the Czech republic)

Great idea…A website is a must. Everything has to be structured. A full storyboard. What kind of artist you need to create specific pieces and so on. I would start with a five minute animation and see if you can finish it. You have to have a good short script for many reasons. Is there a place on this forum for colaberations and such?

Sounds fun! I’ve been looking for a collaboration, even if I’m not that good, it would be great to learn and improve my modeling skills. I’ll keep an eye on this and submit the stuff I have if it’s usefull.

I’d need to see the storyline first…

storyline is top priority before continuing, I’ve seen to many people going “let’s make a ____ game!” the blank being GTA, wild west, or action, or space. Come up with a fleshy story, or an idea, I’m certain I’ll be able to help make it bigger. I enjoy coming up with stories more than modeling.

Ours is going strong … - You are welcome to browse our site for ideas, things you can do better and so on.

And in the spirit of all good things, you are welcome to sign up as one of our members.

I’ve created a website. The story is an adventure story about a young girl.