Any Blender to Gelato exporter?

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Is there any existing Blender to Gelato exporter? Now that Gelato Pro is free.

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:yes: Here it is :

Link :


Seems dang slow for hardware accelerated rendering of a single monkey head.

Render time 21.50s first pass, 3m 58s second pass.

A respected long time PRMan user said after an comparison test between gelato and PRman that he didn´t noticed big time differences between them. ( A thing that can change over time because GPU development is faster than CPU development ) He also said that gelato is a quite stable renderer what in comparison to PRman means a lot :wink:
Anyway his studio decided to stay at PRman because they already developed a lot of custom applications for PRman.

Gelato is free because it will no longer be developed by Nvidia since they have acquired MentalRay. All the GPU accelerated technology will probably be included in MentalRay from now on. I won’t go as far as saying Gelato is dead (yet), but it is dying. Developing an exporter at this point is waste of time.

One way could be to use MOSAIC as an renderman exporter and afterwards convert the *.rib file via ribelato , renderman shaders are alos convertable via script.
(thoug I never tried myself)

This way gelato can be used and beside gelate other renderman compliant renderers like Aqsis, Pixie, 3delight or others and you always have the choice.

Knowing about some people still rendering with good old BMRT, I think gelato will be used for quite a while :wink:

Gelato reads standard RIB files and supports the standard assortment of RIB commands, the problem is it uses a modified RSL shading language. This means using MOSAIC with Gelato is as simple as selecting it in MOSAIC’s preset and pressing render however non of the built-in shaders that tie in Blender’s material, light and world settings will work. The simpliest approach is loading the shaders that come with Gelato and modifying them for your puposes. The more complex option is to try and convert standard RSL shaders to GSL using the this translator, however my experience with this approach is it only works well with very simple shaders (not the ones that come with MOSAIC) and is VERY picky about SL syntax :wink:

I experimented with the killeroo test scene here just to see if I could get Gelato to do it, but it took some work.