Any Blender Users from Ohio?

More specifically from the Dayton area and attend Sinclair College.
I would like to set up a little group at the college where fellow blender users can meet and talk about/work on blender projects.
I am currently on staff at the Preble County Branch but I spend most of my class time at the Dayton campus.

Users of any experience level are welcome.

If I can get enough people together we might even be able to make it into an “official” class. I’m sure I would have no problem getting one of the rooms for us to use.

I look forward to the responces.

Toledo :slight_smile: obviously way too far.

I’d be interested in any in/around Cincinatti. I’m not from there (I’m Aussie), but I have an artist working for me from that area that I’m trying to move over to Blender for my art assets (even if it is only rigging/animation)

@adam yeah that would be quite a drive from toledo

@btolputt unfortunately Cincinnati isn’t really that close either

Also keep in mind I’m not talking about an official class as in credit only in classroom and setting.

Still its cool to see how many of the blender community live close by.

A humble bump…

I think it was a mistake to post this during the night…

In the Columbus Area, East side however I am currently delpoyed but would love an outlet when I’m home.

Seeing as how everyone who has responded so far is a good distance away I’m thinking of possibly starting a Ohio Blender Usergroup instead, that way if we do meet it would be pre-scheduled and wouldn’t be quite as often.
Maybe we could set up an online place to meet as well, like a video conference… Just throwing out Ideas.

There are very few blender users around that I know of, So personally I’m excited just to find out if there are any locals. And by locals I mean anyone in the Ohio area.

EDIT: BTW LW3D where are you currently deployed? I know quite a few people in the military.