Any Blender users in the Santa Fe/Taos NM area?

Hey folks! I really don’t know if this is the right section to post in, as it doesn’t quite qualify for either of the “jobs” sections yet. Right now, we are examining the feasibility of starting a small visual FX house in the northern New Mexico area with a strong emphasis on Blender as the primary development software. At the moment, I just want to find out if we even have any Blender users besides myself in the vicinity, so this is NOT an active job offer NOR an active project, just research before we try to secure funding to start it all. We do have some benefits going for it - including funding sources , close connections with Legendary pictures, and an established VFX producer on-board, but without potential staffing it’s dead before it starts! If you are in the area, just chime in if you might be interested. I make no promises and I must stress we are still doing market research at this point, but I will keep you posted - and if this is something we can get going, it will be a strictly for-pay scenario with each job, no donations or volunteering involved.

MODS - if this is in the wrong area, my apologies and you are more than welcome to move it. It just didn’t seem to fit into any other category as I understood them!