Any body fancy a whiskey

Here are a couple of images made recently both rendered in cycles

Hi, very nice first post of yours!

The glass is very good indeed.

If I’m allowed to point out some improvements, I’d say the wooden planes need some more work, such as bump maps, and better textures if possible.

Moreover I would suggest to add a little ‘crease’, I don’t know the name, around the surface of the liquid into the glasses, the effect of adhesive force, even so small it makes a big difference.

At last I would like a more contrasted lightening, with some high lights from the sides maybe.

Anyway the results are very convincing, and very near to be taken for a photo.

Congratulations, paolo

I would fancy a whiskey.

I think sourvinos is referring to the meniscus. I agree that it would be an improvement, although a small one.

I really like your glass decanter!

3 cubes of ice please
and just cover the cubes


Man… I think you nailed it on the glass, decanter, and everything basically, but I would think about a different texture for the wood that the bottle and glass are on top of. 2 questions, was the whisky in the various containers actually rendered in a fluid sim or placed in via Photoshop. Also curious on the background with the large barrels… modeled or image background. Either way nice job and yea… serve me up one:)

Good stuff, the glass looks great. The bottle looks a bit off though, the scale of the neck looks wrong. I’m not saying it is off, it may be a tester bottle. But it does not look like a standard bottle.

plus, it’s not single malt. This makes me sad. :wink:

good work.

Good job! can I have a look at the wireframe?

The whiskey was neither of the above it was modelled by hand and the background of barrels is an image background

sure here are the blend files

Attachments (875 KB)

I think I’ve seen your images on cgcookie (correct me if I’m wrong), did you follow Kent Trammell’s tutorial or did you use your own material setup? Anyway looks really good.

I liked the second one a lot great work :slight_smile:

i have thinking about this a bit, listening to what others are saying …
the first image is super - but a bit too ‘clean’ with not enough shadow i think

  • of course a shot with little shadow is quite okay, but it would lack a
    little ‘flavour’ - atmosphere

the second also is too ‘clean’ and a bit too much ‘in your face’ - i’d like to see
a change in composition of the shot … again, with atmosphere in mind

but i am still happy to drink your whiskey :slight_smile: