Any body used this 250 CPU Grid yet?

I added a render job but it seems to be in process for infinity.

“Free of charge”? Maybe someone can use and post the output here.

mh rendering worked but the image zip file with the log I download does not contain any image file. just two other files I do not know what they are for.

What are the file extensions?

I was just trying it, but it only gave me errors. :frowning:

Detecting remote home on “” failed! The failed command was: “globus-job-run /bin/pwd” - stdout begin - - stdout end - - stderr begin -
ERROR: cannot parse RSL
Syntax: globusrun [-help] [-f RSL file] [-s][-b][-d][…] [-r RM] [RSL]
Use -help to display full usage - stderr end -

Oh well, maybe it’s busy.

I have received the same log files, and inside stderr was an error saying that i was exceeded my limits, or something like that. I don’t know which are those limits, in their help they only say: “Therefore we limited the complexity of the rendering jobs you can run”.

Maybe with a very simple scene… i will try later.


On the status page it looks like you’re limited to only 100mbytes of data being tied to your account. It’s the only limit I see actually spelled out on their website, but there could be some other limit they don’t spell out. I haven’t had any luck with the job I sent.

mh they should redesign their website.
it is very slow or they are hit my too many requests right now.

maybe in some days the service will work better.

Here’s a quick animation I did. It’s 120 frames in about 2 minutes with Blurry Reflections and 32 sampled Ray Traced AO.

Terribly broken, been trying to make it work.
I can’t even submit my work. It says it has already been submitted and you can’t add it again, while it is not.

Their website now has the following statement.

It looks like they ran out of space.

It’s working fine now.