Any bubbles simulation + Eevee Tutorials?

I am actually trying to make steam from a hot drink cup. But in a cartoon style. This is the reason I am not using the Smoke simulator. So maybe the Particle System settings for soap bubbles would do, I would just replace the bubbles with my own meshes.
Needless to say I have searched and searched only to find old tutorials for Cycles and even Blender Internal.
Could anyone care to share a tutorial on making floating thingies (not necessarily bubbles)? I am only interested in the Particle System/Physics workflow and settings.
Thanks a bunch in advance guys :slight_smile:



For that, any 2.8 tutorial should work, it doesn’t matter if Cycles engine is used there. Then what you should modify is bubble/particle material for Eevee, and maybe some other values in Eevee render tab to get correct material transparency.

Do not forget to use an HDRi for environment lighting, it is essential for your bubbles look good.


I was able to figure out the basics and take it from there… (hopefully it will help someone).

Basic Settings, as in Barebone settings


  1. Domain - This is the container where the simulation will happen.
    Use a cube, adapt it to the dimensions of the simulation. E.g. if it is for something that will float or elevate (like smoke) then a vertical rectangle would do.
    While the cube is selected, go to the Physics Properties tab from the Properties right panel.
    Enable Physics for: Fluid, type: Domain, Settings: Domain Type: Gas, everything else stays untouched for now.

  2. Force Field - Inside the cube, at the bottom add a plane. While the cube is selected, go to the Physics Properties tab add a Force Field to it. Type: Wind, Settings: Shape: Plane, Strength: 0.700, Flow: 0.500, everything else stays untouched for now.

  3. Particles Emitter - Inside the cube, above the Force Field plane, add a 2nd plane. While the cube is selected, go to the Physics Properties tab. Fluid, Type: Flow, Settings: Flow Type: Liquid, Flow Behavior: Geometry, everything else stays untouched for now.
    Also add a Particle System to the same plane - From the tab above, the Particle Properties, click the “+” sign in the upper-right corner to add it. It will be called “ParticleSettings”. Keep it as an Emitter. Change the Number of particles to whatever suits your simulation. Emission/Number: Default is 1000. I had enough with 100. Check when you want them to end, default is at the frame 200. Check for how many frames they will live, default is: 50 frames. Cache (Optional, if your RAM can afford it): Cache Step: 6, this will smooth the simulation. Rotation (Optional): checked, Randomize: 0.5.
    Physics: Newtonian, Mass: 0.5.
    Multiply Mass with Size: checked.
    Default shape of particles is Halo (little spheres). To change it to an object of your choice: Render section of the same tab, Render As: Object, Scale: 1.000, Object, Instance Object: “your obj here”.

Thank you YAFU, not exactly what I was looking for, but it’s great to know about anyway :slight_smile: So thanks a bunch!