Any chance for weekly or bi-weekly streams from BF devs/artists ?

It’s no secret that Epic’s UE4 weekly streams help building and educating UE4 community, and attract more users.

I am wondering if it’s something Blender devs can do for Blender - talk about new features and their practical application, some tips and tricks, techniques and so on for archvis, animation, movies VFX and game dev. It doesn’t have to be weekly streams, perhaps bi-weekly streams would be a good thing.

I could be all stored on official Twitch channel and then archived to official YouTube channel. This way everything is in one place and easy to find.

What do you think, official Blender devs?

Pablo started this from yesterday

There is an audio podcast, every week available on the blog of . A stream would require more work.
They will have to prepare .blends, to be more formal about topics.
In a sense, we already have one place that is grouping what you are talking about. It is the cloud.

One of reason to subscribe to cloud is to have access to training material.
So, you can not expect that they will deliver everything useful to know on a subject in one stream.

Yes, a demo of new feature is always cool. But sometimes, there are a lot of dev work for underlaying stuff and nothing to demo until a last layer of UI code is done. And sometimes, to demo the effect of a checkbox for a cool feature added by a patch by a dev from outside of studio, they have to build a content that can be shared.

So, it is easy to ask a video stream. But we can not deny that is more work for them and less time for doing something else.
When they are doing an open movie or an open game ; they are already sharing everything.
OK ! Yo Frankie! is old. Probably, no course about archvis exists on the cloud.
You can not really expect courses about game now. There are two Open Movies on schedule of 2018. (Hero and Spring)
And it is not pertinent as long as no 2.8 release arrives. Sincerely, if you want stuff about realtime work, you want it done with EEVEE.

@zeauro It sounds like you have never seen Epic’s streams… Yes it’s work and perhaps BF/BI should do it on the Cloud. I have no intentions of digging through someone else’s production file because it’s usually a mess (because the goal of most productions is to get the job done in a specific timeframe). So, no pile of .blend files can substitute training streams.

Speaking of games, I don’t need to know how to make games with Blender. I’d like to know production tricks to get assets done for games that are going to be built with UE4/Unity (mostly interested in UE4).

And yes, scenes needs to be prepped to be shown in the stream. UI has nothing to do with it. Principles and techniques are important.

Also, no one uses 2.8 for production (outside of BF/BI), so I am referring to 2.79 version of Blender, which will be used for the next few years extensively until 2.8 takes final shape (it reminds me of 2.5x situation).