Any chance of getting logs from Blender?

Hi there! New Forum member here with a question that might sound absolutely stupid to some of you.

So I have this particular issue that only happens with Blender + Browser combo and I want to figure out why exactly.

My PC crashes when I try to work in Blender with a browser on. It doesn’t happen immediately too. It could take me like a good 10-20 minute session in Blender for it to happen. This happens on both Blender 2.93 and the stable version of 2.8.

Current workaround for me is to simply download a crap ton of reference photos but that can get quite redundant when a client wants me to do something completely different all of the sudden ASAP.

Is there a way to like download log dumps from Blender and see where things go wrong to possibly fix the issue? Tried to look at it on the browser side of things but there’s nothing out of the ordinary.

If this isn’t the right place to ask, I’d appreciate any redirects that could help me out. I’m desperately trying to stop this madness.

Thanks in advance!

On (my) linux, ther is a /tmp/blender.crash.txt. If you have Windows… (C:\TEMP ??? on win10 ???)
You can start blender on the console… on win …

The only reason i can image why blender would crash while an other programm is running is: not enough memory (RAM)??

32 gigs on dual channel should be enough tho? But then again I personally don’t even know anymore…


Always keep an eye on your system resources. In my experience, if you run out of RAM or VRAM blender will terminate or crash. It is rare that it will actually tell me that it’s run out of ram. Bumping up your virtual RAM can help. See here for more info : Blender Randomly closing - #2 by pxlpaul

Cheers and stay safe!

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