Any chance of getting solid wireframe viewing mode?

Would it be complicated to implement solid wireframe as a viewing mode in blender? Every since I started using the addon “Display Tools” I can’t imagine working without it.

is this not close enough?

And in case not all edges get displayed, also check the Draw All Edges box under Wire. This together with 2ndClemens’ tip should give you what you want.

Edit: oh, and with Blender 2.75 (due soon) you can just ALT-Click on the button to change the draw type for all selected objects, instead of right-Click, Copy To Selected.

And there’s an addon called Amaranth Toolset that adds this and several other good features.

I suppose I should have phrased this more as a feature beg, the Display addon already does what you’re suggesting.

I’m just curious how feasible it would be to add it right within the viewport shading

It would allow for quickly tabbing through the different view modes instead of digging down through the object properties.

nice! :slight_smile: Thanks.

I made a script for a shading menu.

that’s very nice, thanks:)

too bad there isn’t an option to do this within the original menu.
I have zero experience with python but could it not be modified within “” (I only know this because I right clicked to see the python tip :slight_smile: )

There is a section that indicates the view types:

class VIEW3D_PT_view3d_shading(Panel):
    bl_space_type = 'VIEW_3D'
    bl_region_type = 'UI'
    bl_label = "Shading"

    def draw(self, context):
        layout = self.layout

        view = context.space_data
        scene = context.scene
        gs = scene.game_settings
        obj = context.object

        col = layout.column()

        if not scene.render.use_shading_nodes:
            col.prop(gs, "material_mode", text="")

        if view.viewport_shade == 'SOLID':
            col.prop(view, "show_textured_solid")
            col.prop(view, "use_matcap")
            if view.use_matcap:
                col.template_icon_view(view, "matcap_icon")
        elif view.viewport_shade == 'TEXTURED':
            if scene.render.use_shading_nodes or gs.material_mode != 'GLSL':
                col.prop(view, "show_textured_shadeless")

        col.prop(view, "show_backface_culling")

        if view.viewport_shade not in {'BOUNDBOX', 'WIREFRAME'}:
            if obj and obj.mode == 'EDIT':
                col.prop(view, "show_occlude_wire")

Is it possible to add it in here so it would appear in the original place and we could use the the “z” shortcut or of course “z” + modifier key?

Why don’t you use pie menus ? It’s faster than the current menu.

that’s a good point, but I would still need to modify it in python to include an action (changing the object display to “wire” and “draw all edges”) to enable a new Shading option for it wouldn’t I?

what I originally was interested in was to have it included in either a pie menu or in the original “ctrl+tab” fashion.

If you still use it, you can right click buttons and add your own shortcut keys.

comeinandburn . I also use “Display Tools”. What i had done was to map it into a PieMenu. I’ve integrated that as part of the Wazou Pie Menus rather than creating my own addon. While I was doing that, I noticed that “Display Tools” had a bug that I had fixed along the way.

You can find both the fixed “Display Tools” and the PieMenu for it (integrated into Wazou Pie Menus) in my custom setup. Then canibalize it from there.

In effect, I have 3 Pie Menus dealing with viewport. 2 originaly made by Wazou, and the one I made that uses DisplayTools addon.
I have everything I need in those, super easy to handle the viewport

This is one of the things which Blender really needs to enhance productivity.

thanks all for the great suggestions! :slight_smile:

I’ve added it as a shortcut for display tools using “cmd + z” to enable solid/wireframe and “alt + z” to disable. It’s just too bad that default Blender doesn’t have something as useful and simple as this right out of the box.