Any chance of vertex connect to respect selection order?

Currently it just uses closest vertices? What I mean is selecting a path of vertices and vertex connect following selection in order overlap and all. Maybe as a option?


Probably this can be supported but not sure what you mean exactly.

Can you explain in more detail? Or perhaps give before & after image of what you expect?

Its useful sometimes, it would need to be an option though.

Heres a patch which which works as described above.

Very cool! I’ll try it out shortly.

Excellent results. Maybe keep old behavior as a option? Maybe some users need it like that, thoughts everyone?

Btw. the figure 8 got me thinking, maybe a ‘close loop’ option? Just connect last-first?

ummm excellent as always ideasman42…:yes:
is this patch going to trunk

@el_diablo - yep, close option could be handy (noticed this too when testing).

This can go into master after feature freeze ends, but I like to spend some time to better expose useful (but somewhat obscure tools).

Select order could be used in face creation too (select vertices and FKey to make an NGon using the order vertices are selected), the code is in Blender already but commented out.

In both these case you typically want quick single-key access, so adding options feels clumsy.

How about “select shortest path”? At the moment it only works with the last two vertices:

Vertex order for shortest path would be amazing!

What ever you do for the final feature, nice work :slight_smile: and many thanks.

BTW. Any plans to finish the parametrization of the ops as was suggested in the 2.5 design document? What I mean is that a op is logged with all its parameters when invoked.

This is how log looks in Blender


And Softimage

SelectObj “cube.edge[0,2,7,10]”, , True
ApplyTopoOp “SubdivideEdge”, “cube.edge[0,2,7,10]”, siUnspecified, siPersistentOperation

The Softimage one has all the parameters needed for the operation. The Blender log doesn’t.