Any chance this "Object Assembler" Addon Could be ported to Blender 2.8/2.9?

Any chance this “Object Assembler” Addon Could be ported to Blender 2.8/2.9?

r/blender - Any chance this "Object Assembler" Addon Could be ported to Blender 2.8/2.9?

Hallo everyone!

Any chance this “Object Assembler” Addon Could be ported to Blender 2.8/2.9?

YouTube Video:

GitHub (updated Link):

It looks like Blender Market version it’s compatible with 2.8+

It seems That I linked to a different Addon on GitHub…let me update this to the correct GitHub Add-On page.

Would be nice if there was more info on this addon. It’s not real clear on what these “predefined models” are. No sign of .obj, .fbx or .blend file in code, so does it use objects in current blend?

Good question. wouldn’t know if their generated or indeed models.
My hunch is that if it’s a fixed radius that their models. repository says "This blender plugin is no longer maintained. PRs are welcome to update the plugin to the latest version of blender. "

It depends how much needs to be changed and the main code hasn’t had commits in 7 years so my guess is it’s a lot but it’s a sweet looking addon so hopefully this gets eyes on it

Yeah I can’t speak for anyone else but personally I’d rather write something from scratch than try to port over somebody’s project with 7 years of dust and an unknown quantity of technical debt.

And the biggest issue is lack of documentation on how it worked 7 years ago. I updated it enough to get panels to show ,but it has tons of settings. Looks like it uses a .blend file for the models and you have to make icons for each model ,but it’s not clear on how that worked exactly. Did find this ,but doesn’t have tutorials.

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oh wow!

Thanx for the effort.
I don’t know anything about scripting so this is absolutely gibberish to me.

But again thanx for attempting

Seasoned programmers shudder at this exact sort of thing. In the best possible case scenario between pre and post 2.8 era scripting, you only have to convert a short list of things, but almost none of that is search-and-replace type conversion. search-and-solve each individual case, with a decent checklist of known things like, collections are new, register_module is gone, properties need to be attribute syntax, etcetera etcetera.
…And that’s assuming they follow every convention you are familiar with and do so in a code style that reads well to your eyes. Something this complex, it is easier to just try and deduce the important parts and see if something cannot be created with some of the same features.

The main thing being, I think these objects also have pre-defined snap-point locations (based off of the UI reconstruction images) and so theoretically what you want is something that can do that with any add-object operator, not just the preset ones. I can’t remember which atm but I think there are several addons that (at least used to) do something where they would have a modal operator, create an empty but hide it, and use some raycasting helper functions to position the empty under the mouse. various constraints on the empty would allow to place things on a surface. anyway, I’ll try and see if I can find an example…

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Just reading your comment made me dizzy hahah!!

Can’t imagine what it would be for this script!!