Any chess players among us blenderheads?


I was just wondering if anybody plays chess and uses blender. I myself am an avid chess player, and won 4th at the Colorado State Scholastics Chess Championship last year and got 11th this year, helping our chess team for my high school win 1st. I also have about 16 chess trophies from local chess trophies. e-mail me if you play, casualy or competatively, maybe we can have a game!


Casual player here :slight_smile:

I love the game, but I never have a chance to play it. My set is missing two pawns, my wife doesn’t know how to play, and Yahoo chess just isn’t satisfying.

By the way, I’m working on a version of chess where trying to capture a piece will result in a battle, with the winner taking the square. It will be a turn based battle system, and just because the white pawn goes to capture the black pawn doesn’t mean that white will take the square.

Opinions, anyone?

I dont play chess myself, never have, but was just wondering the other day if anyone in the community played. I wonderd if anyone could take their knowledge of chess and make a blender game out of it, and if thats possible then so too is the teared chess sets from Star Trek, now that would be neat to see in the game engine!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Well… I know how, but I rarely play much. I know I can beat Chessmaster (maybe 5k, not sure) on the easiest setting, hehe. Backgammon is much more my game. I used to play that and spades a lot on the Zone.

What kind of battle? One on one, or army vs. army, etc? One thought though, I’d give each peice a different level of strength. For instance, pawns would be equal, but there’d be almost no chance a queen couldn’t take a pawn. That, and give the attacker an advantage… maybe enough that an attacking pawn would have the same strength as a defending knight. BTW, would checkmate still be checkmate, or would you actually have to try and take the king?


Well, used to play, actually…

It was a long time ago…

There was that friend of mine who used to beat me all the time on chess…

Then I got angry and promised to myself that I would become so good at chess, that I would beat this guy… :x

When I finally succeded (I actually kicked his A$$ very hard!!! 8) ), I just lost my interest on the game… :-?

Well, I wouldn’t do that, cause then it wouldn’t be a real chess game…

I admit it would be funny though…

Hey this is our national sport here… :smiley: But I prefer it “real”… I mean not in the computer… The computer is too “fair” for me…

I can easily beat anyone… I’m a “GrandMaster” in backgammon… I know all 4 kinds of games in it… I can even bring whatever “dice” I want…


My housemate is an avid chessplayer. Co-incidentally, I happen to be working on an animation that revolves around the game of chess.

avid chessplayer here


I enjoy playing chess.

Played on the school team about 16 years ago! I still play now at least once a week.

Pooba, if you fancy a game, I’m in. I usually play using AOL’s online chess center, but if you have another method of playing online, drop me a line.

When I finally get into the game engine, I had planned to create some kind of Battle chess simulation. Heh that would be cool, the first of Blender’s online multiplayer gaming collection.


Hey this is our national sport here… :smiley: But I prefer it “real”… I mean not in the computer… The computer is too “fair” for me…

I can easily beat anyone… I’m a “GrandMaster” in backgammon… I know all 4 kinds of games in it… I can even bring whatever “dice” I want…


Heh, I used to know the rules for backgammon, and I was good, but then I forgot the rules! %|
I’m pretty good at chess. I can beat the average player who underestimates me. I’m not really serious about it though.
Skontar, if you’re so good, go on, go in the competitive or tourney rooms and get ready for some humbling. :wink:

Well, it wasn’t gonna be “real” chess anyway, hehe. But you know… I seem to be recalling a strangely similar game which worked like that now. I’m not sure that it was exactly a chess board, but it did involve peices that moved with different rules (like chess), and fought each other (I’m thinking the peices were mythical creatures… like phoenix’s and golems and such… btw, golem as in rock-monster, not the LOTR character).

Well, so do I, but I have a hard time finding anyone willing to play. Since I got fairly good, I got my dad to play me once. Beat him 5 out of 5 games, and he doesn’t seem interested in playing me anymore, hehe. I ask my sister, and she just wants to play mancala, saying, “It’s the oldest game in the world!”… so if I want to play, I’ve got to go online. :frowning:

Computer is to fair for you?? What, you cheat? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, actually it’s been a while since I found someone willing to play with me, too… Backgammon is a nice game… Some think that it’s a “lucky” game. Hah!!! Luck has no room in there… A fairly good player can “fix” his own luck if he knows how to “move” his pieces!!!

Here we don’t call it backgammon… We call it “TAVLI” and there are at least 4 different variations of the game…

Well, I’ll put it this way… When you play with me, you have to be very carefull and observe my hands, especially when I start rolling the dices… :stuck_out_tongue: Believe it or not, I have this way of “holding” them with my fingers, that gives me 90% chances, that I’ll bring the exact “dice” I need at the given moment!!! :wink: It’s as if I have “Magic hands”!!! :wink:

Only my uncle Stavros can beat me :frowning: , but that’s because he’s “better” with the dices, than I am… :stuck_out_tongue:

Computer is much too fair for me… :wink:

If you mean the rules of the game, they are pretty simple… You roll the dices and then you move your pieces that many “columns”, as the dices “say”… :wink: When you gather all your pieces at the last “quarter” of the board, you start “collecting” them. If you collect all your pieces first, the game is yours… :smiley:

But if you are refering in the “strategy” of the game, well, here are the 10 golden rules:

  1. Try to make “columns” with your pieces in order to keep them covered… :wink:
  2. Try to make as many columns in a row (six in a row, is the best case… There’s no number 7 on the dices you know :wink: ), as possible in order to be able to slow down your opponent… :wink: Ohh… And try to place on each column in the row, more than 2 pieces… You have better chances to get over from a very “bad” dice…
  3. Try to “occupy” as many of the boards “corners” as possible… It helps you very much when you want to advance… :wink:
  4. Try not to “advance” your pieces too much, from the begining of the game, cause you’ll end up unable to move… Always prefer, some “economy”… :wink:
  5. If you find one of the opponent’s pieces “open”, do not be too hasty to “strike”. Try to think if there’s some better “movement” first… But when the time comes, “hit” him hard with all you have… :<
  6. Try to break his nerves, with “little” dirty insults and get ready to give “smart” answers to his… :stuck_out_tongue: If he gets angry he’ll start making mistakes…
  7. When you place a piece in it’s position after rolling the dices, don’t just “put” them on the board… Hold the piece in your hand and “hit” it hard on the board’s surface, as if you wanted to break it :stuck_out_tongue: … It’s part of the psychological “warfare”… You give a message to your opponent that you are very much confident about your moves!!! And look at him in the eyes while you do it… You’ll give him an impression, as if you know something that he doesn’t know it yet… :wink:
  8. Cheat with the dices if you can… Stupid opponents, get very early frustrated, when they see you bringing “sixers” at the very begining of the game… They subsequently, give up before they even start!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
  9. When you play backgamon, it’s better to accompany it with a good dish of delicious snacks and a glass of excellent wine… You may loose the game, but at least you’ll have a full stomach… :stuck_out_tongue:
  10. Don’t you ever try to play with Spyros, on a real backgammon “board”… You’ll never beat him, cause he cheats… :stuck_out_tongue:


A special kind of four-player chess!

That’s Gollum. Gollum, not Gollem. UM vs EM, they aren’t even a similar phoneme anyway, so I don’t see why one should mistake the two.

That’s it, you challenged me one time too many. I’m booking a seat on the next plane going in Greece. You wanted a game of backgammon, you’re gonna have a game of backgammon! 8)

Partly kidding here. As much as I’d love too, nobody ever outcheated me, and I wouldn’t want you to loose and feel sad afterward :stuck_out_tongue:


Note to self: if you ever play backgammon with Spyros, bring your own board, and MAKE him use the dice cup. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, that’s scary. You shouldn’t call yourself good if you need to cheat, and the only person who can beat you is one who is better at cheating. %|

That’s Gollum. Gollum, not Gollem. UM vs EM, they aren’t even a similar phoneme anyway, so I don’t see why one should mistake the two. [/quote]

Hrm. I think your statement is the reason I pointed out I wasn’t talking about the LOTR character. You may be right that they’re spelled differently, and pronounced differently, but I’m fairly sure if I didn’t mention it, some people may have made that mistake. I did notice a mistake I did make… golems are made of clay, not rock. :expressionless:

Oh, and…

Yes (cheating aside), there is an element of chance to backgammon, so luck can help. Either way though, you’d be more sucessful with great skill and poor luck than poor skill and great luck.


Want to play on the zone? I just got a new login (haven’t been in a while… since they went to .net passport). I’m “IMProvisar”, just like here (reason I use such a unique name). I mostly just play backgammon, but I’m up for spades too. Cribbage even, but I haven’t played in a while, it’d take some time to re-learn.


Ok, we’re getting off-topic. Start a backgammon thread or something.

Is that it? Only 3?

sonixsculpt, i don’t think i can get on the aol thing (if i could, how?) and i’m more acustomed to the msn gaming zone chess. If you want to play a game, just e-mail me or something and we can set up something, probalby at the zone (


It’s not limited to AOL, I think. It’s at this site.

I’ve never tried it, because I can only use AOL.

Pogo has some cool games (Poppit and Sweet Tooth are really good–my mother is addicted to Sweet Tooth and my sister seems to have been addicted to Poppit). I’ve never tried their chess, though. Heck, I’m not sure if they have chess. I think so, but I’m not sure.

BTW: My ELP class played chess until we got to junior high, where we didn’t have whole days to play chess. I played with the rest of the class. I rarely WON, but I’d rather play and lose than not play a game where I could have kicked total a$$.

There was only one time I won, and it was because my opponent probably made lots of poor moves, and left the queen in the open, right next to the king… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just checked out I am I to believe that there is a game created with blender right on the front page!!!

Did anyone we know make this game, if it is Blender made?

Pooba, chess battle is imminent.


Nope… “Blender” is the name they use for their picture scramble game (you know, the kind of game where you got the square tiles, all scrambled up, with one empty square, and you have to shuffle them around to get the right picture).

I just looked at that, and the interfaces don’t look near as nice as at the Zone. Also, except for Chess, it looked like all the games over there have ads in the game window… at the Zone (at least for the board games, like backgammon, chess, and card games like spades), you only get ads on the way to playing, and in the “rooms” where you find people to play.

Oh, and Cube, how come you can only use AOL? If that were true, how can you be on Elysiun? does not require a subscription to MSN. You just need to get a free .net Passport account.