Any conflicts with Blender Publisher and Blender Creator

On the same hard drive but different directories. I use windows ME. I just downloaded the Publisher 2.25 exe from and the key. I have blencer creator 2.23 on my hardrive at home( I am at work now) are there any known conflicts with having them both on the same HD? I would like to know before I install publisher but I want to keep creator JUST IN CASE

there’s no compatibility issues as is, but if you save a blend file in 2.25 and used some of the new features (NLA, Bone hidings, …), you could have difficulties reopenning the file in 2.23 later.

that’s about the only known problem.


Theeth. I assume you meant to say that “there’s not INCOMPATABILITIES as such” rather then “there’s no compatibility as such”

I meant compatibility issues, same difference :stuck_out_tongue:


If you Set the subsurface buttons in 225 to render and display at different settings (This is a great feature by the way), it will crash 223 if you try to open the file.
Turn off subsurfacing on your objects for backwards compatability.

NLA Keys will be lost if you open 225 file in 223 and save the file.

There are other incompatabilities.