Any Dynamica news lately?

(Pablosbrain) #1

Just wondering… haven’t heard much on it with all the activity surrounding the opensourcing of blender… I checked the site… good to see development is still progressing from when I last checked… just wondering if there are timelines for releases yet or what your guys plans are?

(theeth) #2

We’re still alpha testing. The release are more and more stable, so we might be considering adding more testers as time goes on.

I recoded the vortex engine some time ago:
You can make a chain of empty and the vortex will be interpolated between them.

I also redid the Wind editor:
(that link should work in IE. if not, try this)

And some other stuff.

the project is still very alive, as you can see.


(wiensta) #3

have you implemented the colour schemes yet? i recall the text at the top there (the title) being white. The gradient on the curve looks great. well done!