Any easy methods for spinning/rotation ?

Hello everyone. I am a new Blender user and I get really confused about this problem:
I want to make a animation in which a electrill drill drills a hole on a wood board. The drill should spins very rapidly. I don’t want to use keyframe animation to realise it because it will be a lot of work. And I know nothing about Python either. So could anybody tell me how to do this without keyframing and Python? Thank you!

P.S. I know in 3ds Max we can use a mathematical expression for doing this. Is there any similar function in Blender? Thanks.

I don’t know why you think key framing is a lot of work. If you want a constant speed, keyframe two frames and then in the ipo editor, you can use curve extend to extrapolate the curve.


You seem to be looking for a “Make this thing spin” button – sorry, not available. Any motion you want to create for an object will require some work on your part. As Richard M. implied, keyframing the spin is the most basic and simplest method, though for a very fast spin you’d want to do more, and use either Vector Blur or Motion Blur, or such very fast motion will look false due to strobing.

Not sure where you plug such a formula into Max, but in Blender you can drive many IPO channels (such as Rotation on an axis) with a Python expression, that expression being a math formula similar to what you would use to the same effect in any other scriptable 3D app. But that will require acquiring a basic familiarity with Blender Python scripting… alas, more work.

Just play with the IPO cuves. As I have donehere
Open IPO Curve RotZ and manually edit for 360 Degree

Thank you Richard, chipmasue and kkrawal !!
I think you mean moving the two points like A and B on the screenshot below, right? I did that and it worked.
Thank you!


You are right. I think Python is important and I do want to learn it right now.
Thank you!

If you’re at all familiar with most any kind of scripting, Python as used in Blender can be learned fairly quickly. If you’re a complete neo to scripting or coding, be sure to spend time studying the basics of Object Oriented Programming before tackling a fully-fledged language, else it can be quite daunting.

Also be aware that the online Blender Python docs are not always 100% up-to-date in terms of reflecting the most current release version of Blender – here is usually some lag in the documentation.