! Any Easy way of making animated liquid? !

I’m makin’ a movie. I need blood. How do i make liquid???

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I would say to use soft body, however I am still learning about liquid so that may not help.

The answer varies according to how you want to use it!

If you want a pool of water with ripples, you can use a norma mapped, animated texture.

Larger waves you can do with a displacement mapped texture (Cog’s got some excellent tute’s on these on his site - Search and you shall find)

More complex issues such as pouring liquid: Some of these can already be solved by the fluid dynamic simulations in the new Blender 2.4alpha, but you might want to hang on for the stable release as there’s still a few things being worked on by the looks of it.

Or to make a long post short:

What do want a liquid for? Blood pooling under a dying victim? Dripping from a badly overused pendulum? Sitting in a wineglass? or just splashed against a wall?

actually, i was going to have someone get shot and blood splattering everywhere, with drops spreading everywhere.

You could try the new fluid dynamics, but you might also be able to beat it with particles and metaballs.

I’ll have a play with the idea, as it could be useful to know. I’ll post a blend here if I have any success.

Ah - Forget metaballs - looks like lumpy rasberry jam (Jelly for those who don’t live here with the Kangaroos!)

Another thought might be to make a plane just in front of your wall and use an animated texture of blood dripping down (Using an alphamap so you can see the wall in the gaps between the blood) then put it on an unused layer and jump it to an active layer say, one frame after bullet impact.

Good luck!

sounds kinda cheap. but it might look good if the animated texture was normal mapped. I’ll try that, but what animation formats will blender accept? I’ve tried avi, and it says error: not an anim. And gif isn’t supported by blender as far as I know.

Avi isn’t a format. It’s a wrapper for a lot of different codecs. Blender should play nice with AVI JPEG, AVI raw, and a handful of others. Of course, you could just use a sequence of pngs and apply them as an animated texture (that way you get to use the alpha channel, which would probably be helpful in this situation).

Joe Schmoe actually wrote this:

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funny stuff.

For that type of thing, best use a normal/displacement map on the flat surfaces.

You actually will not see the blood flying, just the after effects. If you do see any flying, then it will be a blur, and any motion-blurred or transparent shape will work.