Any experiences with NVIDA 6800?


does anybody have experiences with the new NVIDA 6800 generation, especially the 6800 GT version?

Which CPU is slowest necessary that it does not negatively interfere with the graphic card (slowing the card down)?

CAn I use the full power of a 6800 with an Athlon 2000+?


I’ve just bought an Nvidia 6800 card. It should be ok with your CPU, but that depends on what you’re using the card for. Some games which are very CPU intensive (physics calculations, etc.) might run slower, but I wouldn’t know any kind of details. Maybe search the web for some benchmark results.

On a side note. The Blender 2.3 series is unusable for me since installing this card due to constant freezing. I’m keen to know if anyone else experiences this with these cards.

Doom 3 looks amazing though :wink: