any females here?

(Ulli) #1

3D modelling is a man’s world I think. Anyone here to prove me wrong?

(steve343) #2

no. infact i think i proved u right in an earlier post.

(dreamsgate) #3

Well last time I looked I was female, but that might have changed since I woke up this morning.

I have been 3D modeling for over 3 years, the last 2 with blender.
And while I think 3d modeling is still geared for the male mentality, I don’t let it stop me.

Does that answer your question?

(Timothy) #4

I’m whatever you want me to be :slight_smile:

(haunt_house) #5

and? Did you change?

I mean, after visiting that fate thread, one cannot be sure of anything anymore


(dreamsgate) #6

Nope, just checked, still female. My fiance will be so relieved.

(haunt_house) #7

lucky you :smiley:


(rivenwanderer) #8

Hey I’m a girl too. I’ve been using Blender since the end of the C-Key era, I don’t remember how long ago that was… I think that 3D in itself is great for girls or guys, but the community is very male-oriented… I guess I like 3D because it appeals to my logical/mathematical side as well as my creative/artistic side. I see no reason why being a girl should stop anyone from doing 3D…

hey, did I have a point? I don’t remember… I can’t think of anything else to say… oh well… I’d better stop talking now… goes to sleep

(IngieBee) #9

Me Girl, Kib_Tph, scare me!

I don’t know either. Why there are so few women? This forum isn’t geared toward males, the whole industry is male dominated. I have artist girl friends who just don’t find the computer interesting?? :frowning: I’ve tried to get them interested??? :-? Also, as an example, my nephews love Blender, my daughter is not interested, except to play the games created on it. My son loves to watch me, but is a little too young to do anything yet (6) but I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts soon on his own.

All I can say is that I’ve always “hung out” with the guys and found women to be annoying, LOL. And I find the same is true for my fellow co-workers (we’re in a male dominated field too). So it might just be that it only appeals to a certain kind of female?

I’m happily married and otherwise “normal”, er… I think… naw, come to think of it, I’m not the least bit normal and totally a black sheep in my family…

So what’s the answer? Has anyone else tried to recruit females? What happened?

Interesting situation, eh? :wink:


:smiley: hee hee, I like these happy faces

(SKPjason) #10

Ingiebee… I don’t know why Kib would scare you…

I like the fact that he’ll be anything you want him to be…

Not that I’ve tested that theory… I swear… even tho a hole is a hole is a…

(dreamsgate) #11

Actually my 9 year old daughter is already interested in animation. She creates animations in a Disney program I have loaded on an old laptop for her. And here last week she expressed interest in blender so I loaded it on her laptop and gave her the Tutorial Book #1. She is currently figuring out keys and what they do.

I think it has a little to do with how young you introduce them to the possibilty. (LOL although that sure as heck doesn’t explain me.)

(IngieBee) #12

Oh, I always thought that my cousins, boys, had the best toys, so when my daughter was a tot, I got her some super cool construction equipment stuff, and… she never touched them!

I think it’s the throw of the dice. I sure hope my son likes working on cars, carpentry and sailing along with his seeming interest in art and Blender. And I sure hope my baby daughter is going to love dolls (my older one says my dolls “freak her out”)

Boy howdy! I love that girl, but we have practically nothing in common!!!

What does one do? LOL


P.S. looks like you got lucky!!!

(stephen2002) #13

I notice that on CG Talk as well (few Females) and that is a much larger community than this one. Computers in general seem to be a male-dominated world (for some reason).

No wonder most of the CG characters are girls! Not many guys want to stare at another guy for hours on end!

(dreamsgate) #14

Actually I am very lucky, even though my daughter is definitly her own person, she enjoys alot of the same things I do.
drawing, reading, computers, modeling, animation, etc…

On the other hand, my 12 year old son often times seems like an alien. Most the time I don’t understand him at all. (LOL, lately he seems like an alien with a very bad attitude)

(Sprite) #15

It’s because he’s morphing into the dreaded teenager!! :o