Any Form•z users? I'm having trouble getting models into Blender...


Typically I have no trouble importing a model into Blender. (I’m new, but it’s working out…)

Anyway, I have built a few test models in Form•z and exported as .obj and .3ds but cannot import anything into Blender - the import dialog just immediately disappears, and I’m back to the program window with nothing importing and nothing showing up in the outline.

I’m able to import stuff from other resources into Blender, but I’m also able to open the Form•z models in Carrara 8.5.

I did post earlier on “other software” but figured I’d ask here since I’m thinking it’s indeed an issue of some sort with Blender.

Any help appreciated!


Thanks Richard -

I’m not sure it’s actually a bug since other .obj and .3ds files seem to open fine… not sure how to proceed! I could certainly still report, but am not sure whether there would be a response to it.