any fps scripts?

im making an fps, and with the code i have now for the mouse to look around, it is really hard, because when i look straight up or down, the player stops. anyway, if anybody had any first person shooter, mouse look, shooting, bullet hole scripts etc. id be really happy if i could use them thank you. oh yea and i know VERY LITTLE python so if i need to modify them, i might screw them up. because one time i tried modifying the script im useing, and it just make the gun go away:(

anything will help, a link, a suggestion, anyting. thank you

if you aren’t able to modify them how can you expect to make something cool?

I have a couple, none are useful in their existing state

but check these out… :

I owuld like to look these over an see if I can deduce whats going on in the code. Do you mind questions?

Ask away

[I’ll try to make it clear how much I am willing to answer]

what do you mean none are useful in their existing state. the first one seems alright to me, but i tried using the second one a while ago with no success

the fps example is somewhat complete, but a complete fps would have a lot more

the bullethole one doesn’t allow the player to move… its just a demonstration of how bullet holes work.

so perhaps I should have said that they aren’t complete, and anybody wanting to finnish a game would have to know python to adapt the scripts to their needs.

i parented a gun to the camera, and added animations and bullets and it works really good. The only thing though is that sometimes the mouse cursor still shows.

Links no longer work.

Are the “fps controls” compatible with the bullet engine? I’m looking for an FPS controll scheme that works well with the bullet physics engine, meaning it wont start rolling, tipping over or bouncing.

ive got the fps controls blend still… ill upload it.

you can tweak it to work with bullet like i did.

edit: here you go

the controls are alot better than if you were to use motion actuators. becaue when you would strafe and go forward or backwards, the motion would kinda be added and you would go faster. this motion script solves that.

When you move it’s almost like being drunk.

It seems to lean in the direction you are currently moving. Also, the movement doesn’t stop when you let go of the movement keys.

Did you get this to work with bullet without those problems? If so please upload that .blend.

yip here is a very good and working one (only the mouselook not the movement, guess who made it :wink:

yeah, just turn rigid body off for the bottom cube.


Did you read my previous post?

The movement is the problem, not the mousescript (z3r0 d’s initial fpscontrols.blend mouse script works ok, but the drunken movement is the problem). Im looking for an FPS setup that works “fully” (meaning no problems) with bullet.

Also, the link you provided is broken.


It’s already off. Movement is still drunken. If you have a blend where all of this works perfectly with bullet please post it.

yeah i got one ill upload it. its been a while since i worked on the movement with it. so… im not even sure what i did. i do know that you have to set the ground to ‘dynamic’ and increase the friction just a tad or youll slide too much. i just tested it in 2.42 rc2 so i know it works ‘with bullet’.

classic fps - mouse and wasd
run = left shift
crouch = left control

you can shoot the box that falls just to the right of where you start and it will ‘break’

you can knock the dominos over and stuff

and you can wall jump. meaning you can go in between the two walls and jump from one to the other as you ascend.

it started out as a bullet physics fps template, but i want to learn more python before i add basic enemies and stuff like that.

edit: here you go, enjoy

actually, i remember now, that isnt just from z3r0 d’s fps blend. i used his script for the movement, but i used two modified mouselook scripts from bullethols.blend. i used one for the base (just a cube, rigid body turned off) and a camera parented to that. the cube has a script that rotates it along the z axis and the camera has one that rotates it along the x axis. then the camera is parented to the cube which has z3r0 ds movement script for movement. works like a charm.

I’m using 2.41 and the movement doesnt work.

use a 2.42 release candidate then it will work :cool: