Any Free Music Software You Know... Help Please.

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Once again I need your help all of your, I am working on a 2D game in unity. We are just two member in our team. Now we want to make some basic music for our game because there is no one to do that. So that’s why I want to know that is there any software in which we can make a simple music. Since we cannot buy those high price software that’s why we need a free software like Blender. :yes:

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Well, ive heard of a few like fruity loops and musescore. If you have the money and a mac computer you could get garageband or logic. They’ll sound somewhat better.

Yeah thanks J.F.Robot, we don’t have so much money to spend on just music, since our game is a small project and we are not sure that it will earn us something or not. I don’t have a Mac computer sorry.

I don’t want to make a top class music , just like some basic background music with some drums and bands. :D. If we can make some respect with this game in future we are sure that we will go for something big.

I will check the software and let you know that I can work on them or not, that means they are helpful to me or not :D.

Thanks for the reply… and help…

I would suggest LMMS and Audacity. They’re cross platform open sourced and free.

Thanks everyone, I have downloaded them all , Now just have to check them one by one and find who can stop my thrust. Since just seen audacity, LMMS and they are nice and I think can work for me.

Thanks blink_cg for the link and Blonder for you suggestion too. :smiley:

there is this one that I found a few days ago that I really like, it works on your browser and all you have to do is to sign up to their website to get to download the music you make. However, if you don’t want to do that then just get audacity and press record then play your song. It will record it without having to sign up (which is free, by the way)

here is the website:

There’s also Ardour which is free and open source.
But from my point of view, there’s no equivalent in Music of what Blender is to 3D. If you want to go commercial I’ll suggest Ableton Live or Reason (for me Cubase and Fruity Loop interface was too confusing).

LMMS is kind of hard to learn, but it has amazing results.

agreed, LMMS is a great program but it is complex and there doesnt seem to be many tutorials available

First of all thanks each and everyone of you for replying and helping me. I have download Audacity and LMMS and searched tutorials on youtube, I think yes LMMS has less tutorial than audacity.
Jecimi I will check Ardour sound editor and will let you know that I can made it or not.

ehabcharek I cannot understand what you are saying , can you please let me in a more simple way, I understand about the online software, but cannot get what you are telling me about that recording thing.

Thanks for giving some time to help me :smiley:

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Thanks Mate Blonder, Yes I will ask help when I need it and when I want it :smiley:

FREE GAME BACKGROUND MUSIC! Take what you like! take a look and take what you need. I take requests if you have any ideals or things you want specific to levels or environments. if not, it’s cool. The best ones are BEAUTIFUL SERENITIES and LIGHTNING, as well as elves and forests and Gallows. a wide variety of different game BGM to use.

If you’re wanting to record Midi, Audacity is not an option currently ( unless they recently implemented midi). However, if you’re playing ‘live’, audacity is a good option IMO.
One fairly cheap/quick option is to get royalty-free music. Tracks typically start at around $3.00. Might wanna check out my site under Happy Music if that’s something you’re looking for(those are $3 per track). Blonder, the post above, may have royalty-free music too.