any free software for dubing?

i’m tring to remake same of the voices of my animation, but i need a free software to help me on making the dub over an aledy made animation. i mean, a program that alow me to watch the movie and record the voices, at same time.

any recomndation? it may be on linux, in windows or even on mac osx.

thak’s in advance.

In linux, you can use any jack audio based app for recording the audio. If you have lots of fancy tracking where you have different parts you want to record in separate tracks and maybe audio or sound FX tracks as well then something like Ardour would work well. The very latest version of Ardour is really recommended since it uses the new rubberband library which allows you to stretch and squeeze sections of the audio without noticeable distortion. That can come in really handy when trying to get the voice dubs to sync up just right with the video.

For smaller scale stuff you could use something like mhwaveedit. But quite honestly, whatever jack based app(s) you want to use will work.

For viewing and syncing the video, you would use Xjadeo. It’s an app that plays back video synced to the jack transport that the audio app is using.