any (free) way to show product in 360 degree on the web?

I want to show product on the web, including:

  • rotate left/right, up/down
  • zoom to show the details
  • restore to the original viewpoint (optional)

First I found that cult3d can do that very well, but cult3d needs $

Then, 3dnp( needs no installation, but it cannot zoom the picture

Is there any other solution to show products on web? A freeware is a bonus; but if it is not free but cheap, maybe that is acceptable.

thanks in advance

There are a number of jquery plugins that do this… for instance

Bring on html5 …

You talking realtime 3D or renderimages 3d?

There was a 2.4 script once that did what you wanted for renderimages 3d
It set up a duplisphere with cameras around your object, rendered all the images with your settings, named the files and created an .html and you could rotate the thing into all 3 directions.
I guess adding zoom is rather easy - you would have to wait for someone to stumble upon my post, b/c I can´t find it anymore and can´t recall the name lol.

Having another look to see what’s happening with html5 check out … you’ll need chrome or similar to view.

It is relatively easy using Unity3d. For example check this horses:

Any Chrome browser user will view it without downloading any addons. And Firefox/IE/Safary/Opera users would need to download small add-on, just like they did for Flash from Macromedia. It do not require any $$, understands most formats(obj, fbx, collada, 3ds, max etc, and sure .blend one :slight_smile: ).

And simple scene would reqiure only drug and drop - you create plane in the scene, import object(whatever you product) into it, and drug and drop fpswalker.js and mouselook.js onto camera. Compile it and post it on the web. User would be able to walk around product, come closer or farther.

Unfortunately, to make more like horses or your description, few lines of JS code would have to be modified (more like couple, you drag and drop mouselook.js on object instead of camera, that make mouse to rotate your product, and disable or comment out lines in fpswalker.js that responsible for handling right arrow and left arrow keys, that would give you zoom in-zoom out. Handling optional restore to default - three more lines of code).

There is always VRML.