Any freelancer from Poland here ? need advices

First I hope this not too much off-topic, I thought this would be a good place to find some experienced freelancers.

Well, let’s make it quick : I’m a french graphic-design freelancer, and I’m about to settle in the mighty Poland. Now I don’t really have a clue yet how to work as a freelanceer in Poland, and I would really appreciate some advices. I’m talking about very pragmatical advices here : how many taxes will I have to pay ? What status can I get exactly ? That sort of things…

Well, if someone feels like giving me some clues, we can continue that discussion here, or you can PM me, or email me here : tcharlss_AT_hotmail_DOT_fr

Dzienkuje za uwaga !
(Oh, and I speak polish like a spanish cow by the way…)