Any freelancers available?

I do not know if this is allowed on the forums, but I would like to get a quote from some professional blender animators. We are attempting to create a proof-of-concept adventure game and are using Blender for modeling and animation. I can provide you with a very crude character model that is rigged and ready for animation. I am not concerned with the vertex weights and unfinished textures at this point. This will be fixed in time; however, our main focus is on animation within our engine and the features we are developing.
We only need 3 animations:

  1. In-place walking animation … character position will take place in the engine.
  2. Turn right animation - we are researching the concept of weighted turns. What this means is that we will need a single turn right animation that will take the character when facing forward (forward determined by current facing direction within the engine) and rotate approximately 120 degrees to the right. The engine will then calculate percentages of this total when, for example, the character needs to make a 30 degree turn. Since 30 is 1/4 of 120, the weight applied to the animation will be 0.25.
  3. Same as #2, but to the left.
    If you believe you can help, please let us know. Again, this is paid work (if the price is right).
    Depending on the quality of the work and satisfaction, there will hopefully be more work to come.

P.S. Portfolios and sample work are welcome. :slight_smile: