any future for material presets? softbody?

i was looking at some demos for 3dsmax (video demos) and i noticed that in many situations when applying softbody’s (a shirt to a person) they could preset the type of material they wanted it to act like. preset materials like glass for glass objects… just wondered if the blender-heads will include this type of stuff in the future.

it doesn’t really kill creativity by GIVING you a solution, but rather lets you see how things work, and would allow tweaking of the presets.

just a thought.

Soft bodies are very much still apart of active development. Prehaps what you sugest will be add but not by blender 2.4, they still have other things to smooth out but… request the feature you never know who you’l inspire :wink:

After many years of programming, these suggestions are important to bring up. The developers will, eventually, use those suggestions (well, I hope so). It is hard to keep track of all of those great ideas, and remember them all too. Any time I get an idea for an improvement on any of my programs, I usually take note of it and store that somewhere, so that in the future, it will be implemented.

Now, if I win several hundred million dollars on the LOTTO, I am sure that if I donate a large sum to the Blender programmers, things could happen more quickly, but since I am a loser, we all have to wait.

alright, how do i submit the idea to the blender programmers?

See other sugetions here

You can submit sugessions at the bottem, if you what to refrence it to some were just refrence it back to this chat. I would have posted it for you but it makes it ease for us all if everyone know’s were to post sugestions.

their used to be another sugetions section on the olfd wiki but that seems to have been abandond.

thanks for suporting the blender dream

AFAIK material and softbody settings are pretty well exposed to the python API. So you might as well write a little py script for that.