Any games out there for mac?

I’ve been looking at a lot of these games and they all look really cool. I’ve been thinking about trying to do one too but that’s for a different thread. Anyway, i was wondering if anybody knew any blender games that would work on a mac. I myself and anybody else out there who’s a mac outcast would appreciate it.

Umm, this is the wrong forum to post this thread. And I don’t know of any mac games.

Any of them that supply a .blend should work on a mac. Just open the .blend and start playing inside blender.

Sound isn’t supported on mac, but otherwise they’ll play.

@ Blinkozo, yes sound is supported on Macs, but only on Power PC. In fact, it has nothing to do if it is a Mac or not, it is the kind of Blender. Intel Mac Blender doesn’t support sound, but PowerPC does.

You can open .blends in blender on mac, and .apps (which there are some of) as well as .exes, from what I understand you just right click them and select open with —> blenderplayer.

k, thanks, if anyone knows how to delete this thread, please tell me, 'cause I put it in the wrong place. Sorry:(