Any games that show off Blender's potential?

What are the best-looking games (complete or not), that were made using Blender, available for download?

I know that graphics are NOT the most important factor in games (I own a Nintendo DS and love the gameplay, I also enjoy old NES emulated games etc). But I am currently thinking about getting serious into Blender Game Engine studies, and want to know what is the best I can expect to echieve image-quality-wise…

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I’d say club silo was a good example of blender game graphics (do a search for the bullet contest). There’s another one i was going to mention but i cant remember the name (“he blends” game i think).

Peters game “Hellstation” was cool, pretty good looking graphics wise

Well here is one of my old threads you can take a look at :

But if you just want me to skip to an ok looking scene that you can downlaod here it is (well the downlaod link):…

Here are snapshots :

And here is the project that I am working on right now hopefully its going to be a playable demo for people to learn from :
(I am still working on it so I only have snapshots of the current work)


There’s another one i was going to mention but i cant remember the name (“he blends” game i think).

Are you meaning balloon city? [also known as “me and my airship”]. I’m actually he-blend’s brother (whom he mentions works on games with him). I did work on The Westerwind and will be doing some on balloon city.

ClubSilo and Hellstation is very good. Wallabers Trampoline is great too, it’s rendered in Ogre though.

Not to toot my (or our, me and Mattimus are brothers) horn(s), but I think “Me and My Airship” looks pretty good.

and here’s the link to our thread
check out pg2 for more (on the same thread)

Mmm… eye candy galore… I remember playing the demo build for Club Silo and that rocked. I have also looked at hellstation and that was very good too. Both Death and He-Blend’s games look awesome! These (IMO) are very good examples of the full potential of blender!

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Here are a couple of (incomplete) games I’ve done:
Static Shock! (Based on the animated show of the same name.)
Demo: Static Shock! (incomplete, but I plan to finish it someday)

Big-O! (Based on the anime of the same name)

This one is actually complete, but the file size is pretty large.

I’m in the progress of making a sims game you can look at that if you want

speaking of horn tooting this is an example of what can be done interface wise.

I’ve said it before, but my favorite Blender game (after Club Silo) regarding look&feel would be : but this was made YEARS ago.
There is an .exe so you can still get a feel for it. The menu system was very nicely done.