Any Geometry nodes genius here to help?

Trying to do crown of thorns with Geometry nodes.

I got done this with help of this tutorial.

But there is no spikes and

  • starting point is same, and did not figure is there way to change it?

Spikes (/thorns?) I get like this, but don’t figured out

  • how I could change the amount of the spikes

and after that (the main question)

  • where to put this node tree to this first one to get spikes in random places?

And I would be very glad if You will have some other tips to get it as photorealistic as possible in easy ways…

can u provide blend file so we don’t have to rebuild everything on our own? thx. (699.1 KB)

This may help, you could also use a spiral curve instead of the first curve circle, Im just lazy.

Hope that helps.


Thanks! Sorry, now first time in pc… There it is:

orjantappura.blend (1.1 MB)

I also will try this AlphaChannel method, if I understand it ok…

*update: I checked it and it is nice (THANKS for this total new and easier way), but is there a way to to only give more nodes for this my Geometry Nodes-map? I’m very newbie with this nodes, and it looks so different than this and here is all other ready now than this spikes…

And this “starting point” is there a way to change in different place with some node? One way is to do new curve and new Geometry nodes for that.

Thank you! I tried to make this, but sorry :flushed: that I asking, but is there a way to add spikes to my first node tree?

BLEND-file here:
orjantappura.blend (1.2 MB)

I think I have some numbers (in this AlphaChannel’s version) wrong, because getting different result:

It also start to slowing my machine much more than this first version and in real world there was starting points in this branch and I think that this node tree i made with video tutorial is in good shape. Only spikes are missing! :fearful: