Any Godot experts here?

Howdy! As some of you know, I started an operation of porting my fangame Crash N. Eurosis into Godot. However, I have a problem with importing animations. The .escn exportation addon won’t recognize all of the animations, and when, for example, the landing animation is active during exportation, I get this

Does anybody have solution to this? Or do you know any other Godot exporters that work better (and which btw are compatible with Blender 2.78c)?

Or is there a way to export animations into .anim or .tres format?

I’m currently using Godot aswell for the game I’m making. Don’t have animations in my model (since it’s a car), but I was advised to export it in gLTF. And I know I’ve seen a checkflag for animations, when exporting. So maybe try that one? I’m using the latest Blender, so I don’t know if that one is in your version.

I’m certainly no expert, since I’m just starting with making a game. Blender has been something on/off with me and Godot is just something I started previous week ago.

Well, I gave up using Godot and switched to Unity. Much better supported.

If only someone could help me with making a checkpoint system that saves and loads everything on screen

It’s just early days for Godot, like Blender once was. For now I’ll be sticking with Godot. It has great potential do become something and the seems 3D is kinda new to it. I Think it’s ideal for starters, to grow with the software. Like people did with Blender. And since version 2.8, Blender has made a great leap user-friendly wise. So maybe that’ll happen soon with Godot aswell.
Maybe the people who helped with Blenders game engine en node-based scripting, could help with Godot to get it’s visual scripting on point and such.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of Unity tutorials, which is great, but can also be confusing of how to approach things, because there are so many opinions.
If at one point I begin to notice Godot is hindering me more than advancing me, than I’ll probably move to a more known engine. But there is still so much learn from modeling in 3D (Blender) to using it for in-game, that Godot seems right for me at the moment.

Blender was pretty easy and well supported to begin with. Godot is even harder than vanilla BGE, and its support was absolute nonsense. No one was enthusiastic to help or advice you. No one barely noticed your questions. And even my co-programmer got stressed out with Godot.

Vanilla BGE had lot more potential, but they trashed it by ending its support and removing it from Blender. Now there’s no one to advise you with vanilla BGE and therefore no way to make games with Blender anymore. Sighhhhhhhhh!

Maybe these help?

Blender 2.79 to Godot (3.1)

and/or Blender 2.8 to Godot

Use Blender’s .glTF exporter, the .escn addon is largely stagnant and glTF is far more developed on both ends (as you can get animated characters and such in without glitches). It also sees active development.

@Ace_Dragon @eyeEmotion Too late already. I gave up with Godot and I’m doing fine with Unity.

Good luck with that pipeline, as Unity’s priority in asset workflow these days is tight integration with Maya and Max (because of a partnership with Autodesk). Your best bet is the addon created by Vitorbalbio here on BA, but you will need to pay for it first.

Though the Unreal engine is set to become a decent (if not rather heavyweight) choice for Blender users as Epic is preparing to release a dedicated bridge between Blender and their engine, something Unity tech. has no plans for.

Although I sometimes get stressed by Godot (but that could probably also be because my lack of experience in game-development), the way Blender and Godot seem to work together is a nice touch. That’s why, for the moment, I continue on with Godot.
It’s easy to get attracted to Unity because of the many many many tutorials, especially when you get stuck every half hour and there aren’t many around to advice you on Godot in 3D.

If that was true, I wouldn’t have had so hard time getting those assets imported into Godot.

For me, 'till now, importing assets has come down to selecting which file-type to export to and which options to check.
But mine are mostly static meshes for now: part of a race-track and a car. It recognizes my materials, the names of the meshes/objects and applying the correct nodes/shapes/body’s to it. With importing my car, it had done all the connecting and rigging for me. Just had to change some settings and add a script to it and the car was moving around.